How to keep pursuing your dreams in the time of the pandemic


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So, this pandemic crashed on us like a huge tsunami and now many of us are in a state of shock, stuck at home, trying to make sense of the world around us. 

Some of us are struggling to maintain any sort of routine, feeling depressed, bored and getting lost in social media challenges.

Other have fallen into a frenzy of self-improvement and productivity. 
There’s some logic to this: we have gained additional free time from no longer commuting and having no social outings so we might as well do something constructive.

There’s merit to this approach and that’s the one I’d like to address in this post. However, there are a few caveats I’d also like to share with you.

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1) Don’t pretend this is business as usual

First of all, I feel that the ‘rah-rah productivity no matter what’ club is missing a huge part of the equation: this is not business as usual. 

There’s nothing normal about this situation. And it seems to me that they are doing themselves a disservice by ignoring the utter craziness of the times we are in.

Honestly, it almost seems to me that the obsession with filling any spare minute with an activity is a way to avoid staring at this huge, scary monster of a situation that’s unfolding in front of us.

I don’t believe its healthy to negate what’s happening around you and how it can affect you emotionally.

I wrote about the importance of self-care in those times here.

2) Not adjusting your plans is suicide

The second aspect that’s troubling me with the follow your dreams at all costs mantra that there’s a certain rigidity in following the same plan that’s not adapted to the situation we are in.

Yes, I have seen articles or webinars on pivoting your business to deal with the looming crisis.
It’s also true that everybody has moved their meetings online.

However beyond that, I am not seeing a huge shift in people’s plans and aspirations.
People seemed be on the same tracks, pursuing the same old goals without making big adjustments.

Too me that seems very strange and I would even venture quite dangerous.

We sitting at the front row of a complete revolution as far as life as we always know it goes:

– the pandemic could be with us for years, 

– there is looming economic turmoil on the horizon, 

– and many radical adjustments to how we socialize might become the norm.

Under those circumstances, I don’t believe your present goals, your 12 months/ 5 years/ 10 years plan can remain the same.

It would be a bit like driving full speed down the highway, catching the sight a huge road block ahead of you and refusing to adjust your speed or your trajectory.

We all know that this wouldn’t be pretty.

For me, pursuing your old dreams without adjustments in these times of pandemic is the same.

If you don’t take stock of what’s happening around you and how it will impact your life, pursuing the same dreams in the same way as before without massive adjustments will be at best a complete waste of time, and at worst it will be completely suicidal.

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3) This is unprecedented and things change everyday: how do you plan?

Now, there is a big issue with makes it hard to plan, and that is that the situation changes every day:

  • wear masks, don’t wear mask,
  • lockdown, no lockdown,
  • financial crisis, no financial crisis.

Makes it rather arduous to plan anything.

There’s no visibility.

You could plan for a perfect outcome and realize a week from now that this perfect outcome has actually exposed you to even more danger than you had stayed put.

To illustrate this imagine pushing to manifest a gorgeous ocean-front mansion and moving in just a week before it gets flattened by a tsunami!

That’s what I mean!

And that’s the danger of pushing hard for goals when things are moving so much: you may hustle hard to find yourself in the wrong spot.


4) The hack

I don’t like pointing at issues without offering remedies, therefore I do have a hack for you.

And that is to focus on how you want to feel rather than on a specific outcome.

For example:

Instead of saying ‘I want x amount in the bank to pay my bills’, you could make your goal something like being able to go through this crisis unscathed, feeling financially secure and able to meet all your financial obligations on time and effortlessly. 

Technically, it’s still about being safe financial.

However, focusing on a certain amount of money doesn’t protect from all the crazy things that can happen in a crisis (your bank crashing or your internet going down when you need to pay an important bill for instance).

However, intending to be financially secure covers all the plot twists that could ever happen in a pandemic and it  focuses you on always happily floating on top of the situation.

That’s a subtle but huge difference in terms of outcomes.

That’s the technique I use in this goal-setting workshop. You may want to check it out, if you need help applying this concept.

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Final Words

Going through pandemic is a not a reason to put the lid on your dreams. However, without certain adjustments it could a futile or even a dangerous enterprise.

Be smart!

Taking time to read the terrain and setting broad, feeling-centric intentions will help you maintain momentum while honoring the fact we don’t know how things will unfold.


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Edited on June 26th.


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