How to find peace in the middle of a storm


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Last edited on: August 27th, 2021.

Sometimes life takes a turn for the worst and it seems that everywhere you turn you’re being challenged. While there’s no magical solution to make things better when life seems on a mission to throw stuff at you, there is still a way to find peace.

And more surprising, finding peace may be just what will get things to go right again.

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1. Get philosophical

In everything that happens to us there’s always something to learn. You can start by asking yourself these questions:

– ‘How did we get there?’,

– ‘What could have been done to avoid this?’,

– ‘What can be done better next time?’.

The universe we live in is precise and exact and tends to reflect to us what we put in it. So when things get out of balance, it’s a sure sign that something in you or in your life wasn’t properly aligned.

I know it may be painful to hear that, but take it as a consolation that if you realign yourself with what supports you, the universe will support you again.

2. Reach for the perfect outcome

Right now you’re probably painfully aware of what you don’t want. You don’t want the pain, the stress, the drama, or whatever else is bothering you.

Interestingly enough, that’s actually a great place to start figuring out what you would like instead.

If you’re in pain you probably want to feel good.

If you’re broke you probably want to experience financial abundance.

If you’re stressed-out you probably want to relax.

It may sound pretty obvious but the power of this idea exercise is two-fold.

First, it helps rejuvenate your mind by giving it a break from all the stress of your present situation.

Second, by focusing on positive ideas instead of the challenges in your life right now, you mentally create a place of relaxation from which you can summon miraculous solutions to quickly turn things around.

3. Make friends with your imagination

To take the previous idea further, you can start painting in your mind a vivid picture of how things would be if everything was perfect in your life again.

How would you feel?

What would you do?

This will help you tap into the power of the law of vibration to realign things in your favor.

Once you have this picture in mind, simply make this vision your new mental home and try to avoid focusing on the storm you crossing through now.

Obviously you will still have to deal with the day-to-day. However, if you can mentally anchor yourself in this vision while going about your life, things will work themselves out with much less effort and anguish on your part.

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4. Meditate

In times of crisis or mind can be our worst enemy, especially when it’s filled with the voices of fear, worry, guilt, doubt. They can be pretty loud and they only seem to get louder as you try to fight them.

Which is why instead of fighting these voices you can learn to silence them.

The trick is to slow down, to be present and observe what’s going on in your mind. Interestingly, as you spend time in silent contemplation, the quality of your thoughts will change and the voices will quiet down.

5. Practice self-care

When life gets crazy, it’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves. We lose track of the basics, like healthy food, solid sleep and mental relaxation. However, that’s when we actually need it the most. This basics are what helps us cope better with the challenges we face.

It also allows us to be more attuned with creative solutions.

As far as food is concerned, forget junk and so-called comfort food like ice-cream and chocolate. They are just bad news all the way (here, here). You want nutrition not substances that clog up your system and negatively affects your brain chemistry.

Instead, go crazy on the fruits and veggies that give you tons of energy and cleanse your system of all the toxins generated by the stress. You mind will be clearer and you’ll be more resistent to the challenges in your life.

It goes without saying but sleep is crucial. It helps reset your system, repairs the damage done during the day, connect with your subsconscious so you can come up with creative solutions to get rid of the chaos in your life.

If you can’t sleep. Try to make an effort to go to bed early anyway at least and stay in the dark as much as possible. Make sure to turn off the light and avoid staring at your phone and your computer screen. This is will encourage the production of melatonin, a powerful restorative hormone, and you will be more rested.

Last but not least: free your mind. Make a list of the 5 top activities that make your heart sing that are easy to arrange for, and indulge: go for a walk in nature, pull of your camera and start taking fun pictures, play your favorite tunes.

In short, nurture your mind, your body and your soul.

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Find peace in a storm

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