How to detox your life as an overworked ambitious woman.


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Last updated on March 23rd, 2021.

Why detox your life.

Working with women I can’t help but notice that we’re often our worst enemy:

– We’re caring, loving and generous to a fault.

– We’re the good soldier fighting everybody’s battles.

– We’re the selfless lover, friend, wife, mother, who is always there for everyone and constantly forgets her own needs.

– We’re constantly making excuses for not going after what we truly want: we’re not ready, it’s not the time, it’s selfish, we don’t deserve it, …

And, while we’re driving ourselves into the ground, feeling exhausted and stressed-out in the process, others are thriving and benefiting from all our hard work.

It’s a fact that there are many inequalities in the world that can make things harder for women. However, at the end of the day we’re the ones who accept to saddle ourselves with all the weight and the problems of the world.

– How many women believe they are irreplaceable at work?

– How many believe they are irreplaceable at home?

– How many women believe their entire world would collapse if they weren’t doing everything?

We’re setting ourselves up for being used.

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The sabotaging pattern.

When I talk with women I often hear the same complaints:

– I am so exhausted.

– I need a break.

– I am on the edge of a burnout.

However, when I mention self-care I also hear the same excuses:

– I don’t deserve it.

– It’s selfish.

– When x, y, z…

Basically, we’re there for everyone but we’re not there for ourselves.

A new mindset!

We were not put on this earth to struggle, to selflessly serve others while ignoring our own needs. There’s no glory in being a good soldier when you’re slowly destroying your health and your sanity by being over-committed and over-worked.

Taking care of yourself is not a luxury, it’s a necessity if you want to continue serving others.

In 2016, heart disease was the leading cause of mortality for women in the US. Stress is literally killing us!

However, all it takes to stop this is a simple decision: a commitment to taking better care of yourself.

First, we need to redefine the concepts we use.

Self-care is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Taking time off is not selfish, it’s a necessity.

– Your health is not a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity.

You have to make yourself a priority and make time for yourself. No one can do this for you.

Quote visual: self care is not a luxury it's a necessity

How to detox your life by upgrading your mindset.

Spring is around the corner and that’s a perfect opportunity to detox your life and clear out some of those sabotaging mindsets and patterns that prevent you from truly shining and living your most authentic (and balanced!) life.

Here are a few powerful things you can do right now to detox your life:

1- The first order of things is to schedule me-time. I mean this! Literally block off time for yourself in your calendar. It can be 15 minutes a day, 4 hours a week, a week-end, whatever you can manage. Just make sure to allocate time to this detox. Scheduling it is really important: it gives your subconscious mind the signal that you are ready to make yourself a priority.

2- Make a formal commitment to yourself that you will do what it takes to get out of your own way, take care of yourself and take all the steps necessary to live your higher purpose.

3- Cut down the noise and the distractions, meditate, quiet your mind in order to hear the voice of your true self guiding back to the most authentic expression of you.

4- Take a look at your life: what have you been putting up with that’s no longer giving you joy – physically, emotionally, professionally – ? How are you standing in your own way?

5- Pick the top topic to upgrade (the most urgent or bothersome).

6- Create a plan to correct the situation.

7- Get to work!

Ultimately, you can’t give from an empy bucket. These steps will help you fill up your cup with all the juicy stuff that makes you come alive (and remove all the stuff that drains you!) so you have more to share with others.

So, go ahead: give yourself permission to put yourself first, detox your life from those sabotaging patterns, and replenish your reserves!

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The shortcut: taking a retreat!

I swear by this process.

These are the main steps I used to detox my own life when I was on the verge of burning out. I took 3 months to retreat from the world and get back to my center.

That was the secret to bouncing back and completely reinventing my life (new career, new country, new partner…!) in a very short time.

Of course, my situation was extremely privileged and I know that most women don’t have the luxury to retreat from the world for 3 months.

However I am pretty sure most of them can find a couple of days to disconnect from the world.

Detox your life the DIY way.

The simplest way to enjoy a retreat is to take the DIY route.

You decide on your goals:

– Are you burnt out? Do you need to rest?
– Are you feeling out-of-touch? Do you need to reconnect with yourself?
– Are you over-extending yourself? Do you need to work on your boundaries and improve your mindset?

You get the idea!

Next, you block off time in your schedule and give yourself permission to relax, process, reconnect, grow, pamper yourself, enjoy life… Whatever you need to do…

If that’s the route you want to take, I’ve written this lengthy post that gives you all my best strategies and tools to DIY your retreat.

Detox your life in style!

Alternatively, you may prefer a more luxurious customized retreat. If you’re busy, exhausted, burnt out, over-committed, making plans for anything can be the last thing you aspire to right now. And, that’s perfectly understandable!

That’s when a bespoke retreat comes in handy. You explain your issues, someone crafts a plan for you to help you ressource yourself and target what challenges you, the retreat is tailored to schedule and to your needs. All you need to do is to show up! You come out rested, rejuvenated, with a new mindset and a plan to upgrade your life.

Perfect solution when you’re overwhelmed!

RENEW YOU: Your Bespoke private retreat.

If that’s the route you’d like to take, I have created RENEW YOU.

RENEW YOU is a bespoke experience: a detoxing and rebalancing (virtual for now due to the travel restrictions) coaching retreat that will help you relax, spring clean and detox your life, identify your sabotaging patterns, work on your self-love, your self-esteem issues or whatever else is standing in your way, and make plans to level up your life and truly thrive.

It’s an opportunity to finally kick back and allow yourself be guided back to your sweet spot.

I understand that for most ambitious women, finding time for yourself is a luxury. For this reason, RENEW YOU is designed to help you create powerful transformations in as little time as possible: ideally over 2 days, but again, it’s a bespoke retreat therefore things can be tailored to your schedule!

Thanks to powerful 1-on-1 coaching, long periods of silence, relaxation and introspection, RENEW YOU gives create BIG shifts (and a detailed plan to make lasting changes in your life!) in just a couple of days.

Many retreats are based on group interactions. This format is powerful however the group dynamics can be challenging, especially when you are already exhausted.

With RENEW YOU things are different. This is a 1-on-1 retreat.
This means you get laser-focused attention through deep dives and plenty of alone time to resource yourself on your own terms. Finally, you get the peace and the silence you’ve been craving all this time!

Really, you deserve a break and RENEW YOU is a great way to commit to your well-being while taking concrete steps to turn your life around.

If you think this is for you can simply click here to get started.

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