• How to cope with stress and become a better manifestor.


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      Recently, I was at a group meeting explaining the basics of the law of attraction.

      In this group there was a woman participant who expressed her difficulty to her focus.

      She felt overwhelmed by her thoughts and was experiencing many struggles in her life.

      Since she had read some spiritual and self-help books, she was aware that it prevented her from properly using the law of attraction.

      She asked me to guide her to a technique that could help her.

      I advised that she tried meditation.

      Nothing fancy: no incense, no funny sounding mantras.

      Just a few minutes each day to unplug, do nothing, be quiet and to become acquainted with her mind.

      Well, interestingly enough that piece of advice wasn’t so well received…

      She sneered and proceeded to tell me how she was an extremely busy woman and that she couldn’t just sit there and do nothing!

      She had too much stress and to much to do in her life.

      And anyway, her mind wouldn’t cooperate.

      Her killer argument against it was that meditation was just not her truth.

      I thought it was interesting.

      I am big on individuality and creating your own reality. But sometimes this idea is taken a liiittle too far…

      It ends up sounding like saying eating or sleeping is not your truth…

      Miracles are an absolute possibility and I have noticed my fair share.

      But for most of us, by virtue of the beliefs we have accumulated from an early age, our personal truth doesn’t not venture so far from everybody else’s truth.

      Especially when sleeping, eating (or meditating) is involved.

      And manifesting miracles is a feat, and quite impossible with an uncooperative, chatty and frantic mind.

      That’s why I recommend meditation. It’s extremely powerful.

      It turns the noise level down which in turn gives more peace and clarity.

      It’s great for your overall health and well-being.

      But in the context of manifesting it’s even more important since we understand that our thoughts are attracting what we experience.

      A chaotic mind is attracting chaos in your life.

      And this poor lady was the living proof of it.

      Meditating, is like giving yourself a clean slate for manifest easier.

      There’s a famous example I like and that resumes this phenomenon really well.

      Have you ever played ripple with a stone on water?

      Well, what happens if you throw a stone in the middle of tourmented sea?

      And now on a calm lake?

      Where will the ripple effect be more noticeable?

      On the calm lake, of course!

      Do you begin to see what it can do for you ?

      If you want to know more check out this great TED talk about the power of mindful meditation:

      If you’re wondering where to begin, here are a tips to get you started:


      Give yourself 5-10 mins each day of quiet time.

      – sit quietly where you won’t be disturbed.

      – take a few deep breaths

      – become aware of breath, how it moves in and out of your body

      – stay with this feeling and become aware of the other sensation that you may in your body

      – just noticed the, don’t try to change them.

      – Be aware of how you feel

      – Be aware of what you think, how your thoughts come and go.

      That’s it!

      Make sure to leave your comments below, I’d love to hear of your experience with meditation and the law of attraction.

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