How To Cope With End Of The Year Stress


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The end of the year is upon us and that means a lot of stress. Between wrapping up the year, the obligatory celebrations with family members that are not always peaceful and the gifting, it can really take its toll on your energy and your mental balance.

That’s why you need a plan!

Here are 5 quick tips to help you cope with end of year stress:

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1. Set boundaries

Ok, Superwoman, I know you’re indestructible but here’s a gentle reminder: even the strongest among us have limits.

Yes, you too!!

Having boundaries helps you stay balanced and healthy.

– What stresses you out?
– What exhausts you?
– Are you an introvert? An extrovert?
– How are your finances? Can you afford all the gifts you’ve been buying?

Set limits according to what makes sense for your personal situation, communicate them and stick to them.

Not sure how you are doing?

Here’s a clue:

If resentment and frustration creep up, you’re probably over-extending yourself. Cut down.

If resentment and frustration creep up you're probably over-extending yourself. #boundaries #selfcare Click To Tweet

2. Drop perfectionism

Perfectionism is a plague for a lot of women. Many of us are so insecure that they constantly strive to outdo themselves and everyone: outdo the neighbor’s tree, outdo last year’s dinner party, outdo their best friend’s outfit.

It never ends and it’s exhausting.

There’s always someone who will surpass us so competing is pointless.

Of course, it’s important to strive for improvement and excellence. Cutting down on perfectionism is certainly not an invitation to slack.

However remember to evaluate your efforts so shooting for more doesn’t get in the way of enjoying life.

3. Opt-out

Now this is a big one!

Some of you are going to think I am crazy, some of you are going to get in trouble for doing what I am suggesting but it’s fine.


You don’t have to participate in every activity, every celebration, every event that happens at the end of the year. It’s not because someone decided that it’s the time to be jolly, blow all your cash on presents and party like there’s no tomorrow that you have to join in. It’s your life you get to decide if it makes sense for you.

If these things are not adding to your life but they are stressing you out, you don’t have to participate.

Some people might take offence but the people who really love you will understand.

De-prioritize, opt-out or cut the non-essential short.

Bonus point:

When you make yourself scarce, your presence is actually more appreciated!

4. Anticipate

Ok, we’re a little late in the year but you can still use this tip.

If you’re hosting parties: what can you prepare in advance?

If you’re going to deal with events or people that will stress you out: can you come up with a plan to deal with the issue to avoid getting caught by surprise?

For example: you know that uncle who always make that joke at your expense?

Instead of freezing and getting frustrated about his behavior once more this year, write down a couple of good comebacks, or find a way to divert the topic.

Having a strategy keeps you in control and alleviates your stress, so when you have 5 minutes come up with a list of the potential stressors and write your counter-attack plan.

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5. Take time out

– ‘Dominique, did you mention taking 5 minutes for myself? I don’t have time!’

I know, and that’s a big issue.

The last one of these tips (but not the least) is to practice self-care and relax.

In this season, there are a lot of obligations, lots things to do for others. It seems impossible to do for yourself, but you have to.

You can’t give what you don’t have.
You can’t be generous with others if you’re depleted.
You can’t be the daughter, the sister, the niece, the mum, the girlfriend, the wife you want to be if you’re snarky, snappy and b*tchy.

That’s not exactly the spirit.

Carve some space even if that means locking yourself up in the bathroom away from the guests to meditate 5 minutes.
Make space: you need and deserve it

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How to cope with end of the year stress

How to cope with end of the year stress

Last updated: Dec. 18th, 2019



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