How To Catch Up With Your Dreams When You’ve Been Slacking


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Every time we start something new, we are full of enthusiasm and eagerness until life starts to catch up with us.
A compromise here, a compromise there and soon enough we realize we are nowhere near reaching our goals.
Worse, we are not even on track anymore.

And it feels like hell just to think of the extra work we need to pull to catch up!

If you’ve taken the mid-year goal assessment (it’s free by the way, grab yours here if you haven’t already) and realized with horror that you are totally off-track and that you’re headed for another year of ghastly blah results, take heart.

Today I am going to go show you how manifestation can skyrocket you back into your sweet spot… without even breaking a sweat!


If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s the art of bringing things into your reality through your imagination, by lining up your personal frequency with that which you desire.

It sounds super woo but it’s solid. And most importantly it delivers!

Look at it this way : if you tried to explain a cellphone to someone in 1600, they would have thought you’d lost it.
They would have had no concepts to comprehend how it works, and to them it would have been really spooky, but it doesn’t make a cellphone any less scientific.

It’s the same with manifestation, the fact that it’s based on science that we are just beginning to understand doesn’t make it less real.

Results on steroid!

The reason I love manifestation so much is that it puts your results on steroid.

You can get your dream results in a fraction of the time, without stress or compromise. It’s the perfect tool for people who have crazy dreams and want big results in little time.

So how can manifestation help you catch up with your dreams?

Here’s an example of how I used manifestation to hack my results:

At a point in my life I was doing a lot of international travel and moving places constantly. After the novelty wore off, I started to get seriously fed up with looking at places all the time, trying to navigate lease durations, scams and landlords’ excentric lists of requirements.

I could not be bothered anymore.

So I made a decision: I am just going to stop looking for a place, it’s just too draining.

Mind you, I still need a place to stay.
And quick!

I wasn’t planning to stay with anyone or stay in a hotel. I was simply going to find my rental without looking for it!

Since I had stayed in a couple of places that were really not ideal I decided to take the opportunity to seriously raise my standards.

I also had some serious constraints around the type of lease I required.

Basically I had a loooong list of requirements.

It didn’t matter: I was going to manifest my new place quickly and without looking for it!

Nothing happened for a while.

People around me were getting more and more concerned but I was relaxed, enjoying life, trusting that my perfect place would come to me at the right time.

At some point I had a strong urge to visit a certain website.

I stumbled upon an ad for a rental that looked beautiful: freshly renovated to high standards, nicely decorated, surrounded by lots of green, and the list went on.

It was made for me!

I still had to deal with the landlord and since I was abroad that would complicate things quite a bit.

I contacted the owner of the place to enquire about it, and it turned out that he was a foreign investor who was actually living in the city where I was staying, in the same neighborhood even!

We met the next day. And the deal was sealed.

I had the perfect place that fit all my requirements without looking for it, without wasting time, without dealing with scammers or without even one single visit!

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How can you use manifestation?

Manifestation works for everything, that how I’ve build my life.

You can use it for your career, your business, to find your dream man, to find your home-sweet-home, to improve your finances, to design a certain lifestyle based around those elusive soul urges that seem impossible to bridge.

It makes it easy to answer questions like: how can I deal with my pressing financial obligations, nurture myself, live my passions and find time to be the mum, the partner, the friend I’d like to be without sacrificing anything?

It’s incredible!

Obviously there are rules to follow.
You don’t live in vacuum and with more power comes more responsibility.

Some people are caught up in the idea of manifesting more toys (houses, cars, jets…) but they are never too concerned about the way their creations are impacting the planet.
We live in an ecosystem and it’s our responsibility to make sure that what we are asking for/creating is aligned with this ecosystem’s health.
Right now our planet is on life support so you know how I feel when people ask me to help them manifest more junk…
If you manifest a gun someone might end up getting shot….

Some people also get all caught up in the idea of getting their ex back and manipulating people to do their binding.
Again that’s a very bad idea.

Manifestation is a powerful tool, but with its abuse come consequences.

Anything done with the intention of harming or manipulating anyone will result in you being harmed or manipulated.
It is so because in a way manifestation mirrors our inner world and displays it on the outside of ourselves.
Our negative or misguided intentions will be reflected to us as negative and harmful results.

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Manifestation is best put to use to help you bring to life deep soul urges: you know when every fiber of your being howls in pain when it has to deal with your A-hole boss who treats you like a slave, when you must provide a stupid service to careless clients or drop your bawling babies at the day-care so you can dutifully change into your super exec outfit.

You’re in pain because that’s not the way you were meant to live, but in our society it just seems impossible to do things differently.

Well, manifestation will help you correct that and realign with your purpose.

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Your turn!

If you’ve been howling in pain at your life and applying the head-in-the-sand approach at dealing with things with the obvious mind-shattering results you could expect, manifestation is the way out. It will get you back on track fast!

What are you going to manifest?

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Pinterest banner: catch up with your dreams with manifestation
Pinterest banner: catch up with your dreams with manifestation

Edited on Dec. 18th, 2019



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