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Most people who first hear about the law of attraction try to create miracles-like outcomes like winning the lottery, inheriting a large sum of money, or manifesting a luxury holiday.

Unfortunately, they don’t really pay any mind to how the law of attraction also affects them in their day to day life.

And when they go after more mundane objectives, they rely solely on their efforts, their diligence and their skills.

The problem with that?

They are missing a huge piece of the puzzle: their innergame and how their thought-patterns, their belief systems and their emotions can make or break their success when combined with the law of attraction.

Today I want to share with you a concrete example of how the law of attraction can boost or kill your efforts in your daily life.

I recently wrote an article for KB career consulting to discuss specifically how this can boost your job search. However, even if you’re not looking for a job at the moment, the principles I share in this article will probably help you boost your results in any aspect of your every day life.

Curious to how to avoid sabotaging yourself and how to boost your results?

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Update November 2011: The blog where the article was originally published no longer exists. I am republishing the article below for your convenience.

How to boost your job search with the law of attraction.

Today I want to share with you a simple practice that will significantly boost your chances of landing your dream job especially if you’ve been feeling that you are doing everything right but somehow things always turn out wrong.

Let’s say you have outstanding work experience, a resumé beyond perfection, your interview skills are second to none. You are really a dream candidate and your job search should be a walk in the park.
However you have been applying to quite a few great opportunities with some success but somehow things never quite work out as they should for you.

There was that time when your best pair of heels broke on the way to the interview, that time when daycare called about your child getting sick, that time when you almost got the job but the stock market crashed and the company went under.

It doesn’t seem fair, there seems to always be something in the way in spite of your best effort.

If you feel your job search is not going as good as it should, you may dealing with a law of attraction issue.

You may ask: ´what does the law of attraction have to do with this? I thought it was about making collages with pictures of banknotes and photoshopping yourself on a celebrity’s body in hopes of getting rich quick and dropping some weight?
That doesn’t have anything to do with me. I am a professional, I don’t have time for games.’

Well, it’s true that some people use the law of attraction in a superficial way but there’s more depth to it.

Let’s talk a closer look at our previous example.
On the surface you’re doing everything right but what’s going on in your mind?

– Are you frazzled and stressed out from the workload at your present job?
– Are you worried about your savings running low?
– Are you getting frustrated with the job search process?
– Or jealous of a colleague who got that coveted promotion?

These seemingly innocent human thoughts are going to activate the law of attraction… against you!
And deliver all sorts of nasty experiences to hamper your success.

How does this work?

The law of attraction is part of a system of universal laws that govern the way our reality operates on a deeper level. Its function is to binds us with experiences that match our dominant thoughts, beliefs and feelings.
You may have noticed that when you’re feeling over the moon, like when you fall in love for instance everything goes your way. And when you’re feeling down, things to turn into a downwards spiral of negative experiences.
This is the law of attraction in action. It delivers in our lives all sorts of experiences that complement our frequency.

Back to our example, you can now begin to see how the law of attraction could have been negatively be affecting your job search. The stress, the frustration, the worry are all strong negative feelings and they attract similar experiences. Hence, the broken heel or sick child. As far as the law of attraction is concerned by worrying you were ‘ordering’ more things to worry about and it delivered them to you.
Job well done!
I know this is disheartening but there’s a silver lining here.

The great news is that this process can be reversed not only to stop negative experiences but actually engineer incredible lucky breaks instead of a string of catastrophes.

How would you like to commute to work and hear someone on the phone next to you discuss a new job opening that could be per-fect for you?

You let them finish their conversation, and after a second of hesitation, you introduce yourself to them and enquire about the position. They’re thrilled to talk to you and easily offer you an interview.
Your solid interview skills and your polished résumé dazzle them and you get the job immediately. Easily.

This is how things could be!

Would like to harness the power of the law of attraction to dramatically boost your odds?

Here’s a few tips:


Your results rely not only on your job search skills but also on your emotional state.

Take a moment to release your stress or your worries. Focus on the ideal outcome, take a few deep breaths, play some happy music and then take action. You’ll be locking yourself into an upwards spiral of success and attracting better results with more ease.


A job search with its mix of pressure, high hopes and disappointments can be very taxing emotionally. If you take a moment to distance yourself from your results it will be easier on you and the law of attraction will soften the blows.

You may not know it yet, but that opportunity you’ve missed might have had you to quit your job to start work at a company with very serious internal issues for instance.

Be thankful no matter what happens and the law of attraction will soon bring you more to be thankful about.


– Connect with your soul and decide on the perfect job for you. It doesn’t need to exist, you only need to see it in your mind. Get clear on why it’s perfect for you and on all the manners in which you will benefit from it.

– See and feel yourself as having successful secured this job.

– Take action towards finding your dream job with this picture of success firmly etched in your mind and trust that everything will unfold perfectly for you.
And watch with wonder as it does!

Voilà! You’re all set to dramatically boost the results of your job search efforts.


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