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Last updated on March 25th, 2021.

When we think spring cleaning we tend to think about our homes or our cars, but our habits need some dusting off too.

In today’s episode, I share 9 habits that kill your soul which you absolutely need to let go of.

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If you prefer reading, here’s the transcript:

We all want to be happier, don’t we?

Well, since we’re in spring cleaning season, I have a list of things you need to release from your life because it will eat up your soul.

Hey, everyone, this is Dominique Andersen. Welcome to StretchandBloom Soundbite where in five minutes or less, I will give you a quick tip to create a life you love.

First on the list of things that hurt your soul is pretending to be someone you’re not.
Textbook example is following your parents’ dreams, society’s idea of success, keeping up with the Joneses. You know, all that good stuff!

Second on the list is not listening to your intuition.
You know when you have a hunch about a situation and then you just turn around and do a poll to see if others agree. At that moment, you end up ignoring yourself because of the opinion of the majority. By putting other people above you, you’re killing that inner connection to your soul.

Third thing, being in denial.
Doing things you hate and pretending it’s okay. For example, you come back from a vacation and you go to their office for the first day. You see the same nonsense going on as usual and you start to feel you know, your old bodily aches flare up but instead of using the momentum to make a plan to get out of there, you just kind of allow yourself with a drink, a little shopping sprees or you know some nonsense about how it’s not that bad. That is another way you hurt your soul.

Another one is selling out or turning a blind eye.
There are a lot of industries – I’m not going to name names – that have a high level of creativity when it comes to defining what constitutes ethical practices. So you might number yourself and say “oh I’m just doing my job”, but you know, in the end, turning a blind eye on questionable practices all day is going to take its toll and it’s going to hurt your soul. Think about that.

Pinterest quote: Don't be surprised to be unfulfilled if you're constantly ignoring your soul!

Another one: not replenishing.
You have big goals, you have big dreams. If you’re one of those people that believe “I don’t have time for sleep”, “rest is for losers”, “fun is for children”, well, I got news for you: you will burn out. You will burn out down the road and that’s going to hurt your soul as well.

Another example is having constant pressure.
You’know lack of freedom, lack of personal space. If you’re constantly tied to obligations, if you’re that person who always has the phone going with you everywhere, in bed, on vacation, just in case a last email comes in. That’s going to take its toll as well.

Number 7 is very straightforward, really. It’s simply ignoring your dreams.
Ignoring your dreams hurts your soul because when you say “my dream is not important”, it’s basically shutting down the door to what matters to you.

Number 8 is pretty straightforward. Anything that is in line with hatred, jealousy, competitiveness.
You have to remember that your soul exists in a place of abundance. When you function from a place of hatred, jealousy, competition, scarcity, you are out of alignment with your soul.

Number 9: Using others for your benefit.
That’s another very straightforward thing that hurts your soul. But in this day and age when callousness is being elevated into an art form, it needs to be pointed out.

Your soul exists in a place of balance and reciprocity so selfish and callousness are shutting down your connection.

So, that’s it! Those are nine things to release from your life to make sure you do not hurt your soul.

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banner pinterest:9 habits that kill your soul
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