Finding love the feminine way


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Last summer, a French television channel ran a show on the new ways of finding love and how successful women were looking for love.

It was enlightening.

These women had charts, lists, spreadsheets, to-do lists and all sort of comparative metrics to evaluate their potential partners.

The show also showcased a new speed dating event concept where the men had to submit a love CV to women who were reviewing them like potential love employers.

Kind of creepy.

The poor guys were bending over backwards to try to look appealing to the scrutinous women. And it made them look like pathetic wimps.

The women on the other hand were reveling in their power. You could almost detect a tinge of sadistic pleasure from the humiliation they were inflecting to these guys.

Not the best place to find love…

But then I realized one thing.

These highy educated women have never been taught anything else. I could actually relate.

Most of us have been educated in a highly masculine (rational, task-based, goal-oriented) school system.

And that’s the way we do things: we create a new goal, we pull out the calendar, outline the to-do list and we start hacking at the tasks that need to be accomplished.


When we operate like this, we are masculine and we’re not the most attractive to men. After all, in a traditional settings male are attracted to the female energy not the masculine one.

Think of it this way: imagine two magnets with a positive and a negative pole.

If you put the two negative poles together, they push each other away.

Same thing happens if you line up the positive ones.

Now if you turn one magnet around so that one negative pole faces a positive one.


They are attracted!

And that’s one of the key to the problem most successful women face today when they look for love. All that has made them successful, their relentless drive and energy is one of the key factor that pushes men away.

They are trying to attract them with the same pole instead of the opposing one!


According to Dr Christiane Northrup, the answer is embedded in our biology. She has a great, albeit graphic analogy that sums up perfectly the situation: ‘be less sperm and more egg.’

The egg doesn’t run around frantically and hustle.

No, the egg is still, powerful and magnetic.

The egg radiates.

The egg receives.

When we take these attributes into practical aspects of life, we understand that being in our natural feminine energy is about clarity, stillness, and magnetism. A far cry, from all the hustling, organizing and running around that successful women have been trained to do.


When you think of it, it’s very much akin to the work done in manifestation: being clear, aligning energy and radiating it.

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Finding love from this place is no longer about lists and going a million dates, it’s about becoming a powerful magnet that broadcasts an irresistible signal that draw the right man to you.

It means being clear on exactly what you wish to experience and relaxing in feeling secure that it has already reached you.

It’s about setting clear intentions, trusting and letting go.

If you’re a driven woman who’s tired of looking for love the hard way, I highly recommend that you embrace the feminine way.

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Edited on July, 22nd, 2018


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