Do you have what it takes to manifest your dreams?


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While I thank a movie like the Secret for bringing manifestation to the mainstream, I am also aware that it has given manifestation and the Law of Attraction a bad name.

The Hollywoodesque visuals and sound-effects made for great entertainment but played up the ease of the process, when it actually can be challenging.

The movie also gave the impression that manifestation was all about greedy, ego-based goals like owning all the diamonds, cars, and riches in the world.

Nothing wrong with a little bling of course but I consider that manifestation is more about freedom and radical authenticity than stacking stuff up.

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Business as usual

Actually, in real life manifestation is not so exciting.

Don’t expect magical wands sound effects, genies coming out of lamps or a diamond tiara just appearing on top of your head. You’d be really disappointed!

When you are manifesting things actually look very normal (sometimes even too normal so it’s easy to doubt that things are really happening…).


You see, manifestation has a knack for rearranging events in your life to bring you what you desire, so it seems like it would have happened anyway.

It’s only when you take the time to really reflect on all the incredible lucky breaks, chance encounters and opportunities that have lined up to get you to success that you realize that what you have experienced defies all the laws of probability.


It’s challenging work

Manifestation is work.

It creates magic, and doesn’t require the hard work that we’re normally used to: you can manifest money out of the blue, manifest an apartment or a job without scanning classified but it still requires some work.

Mental work mostly.

The game of manifestation is not to run around and reschuffle things outside of yourself to get from A to Z. No, the game is to reschuffle things inside of yourself so you can express what you already possess and experience it on the outside of yourself.

I know it sounds a bit woo-woo.

But it makes sense if you understand that the world around us reflects and matches us with similar frequencies as the ones we emit.

Broadcast despair, depression, lack, failure: you will get more of that.

Broadcast joy, bliss, success, abundance. You will get more of that.


When you stem from a society that trains us to ‘see it before you believe it’ and ‘my pain is real that’s when things become tricky.

Manifestation challenges our entire belief system. And that makes most of us uncomfortable.


How many people have I offended by suggesting they could transcend their pain or their hardship? Struggle is almost a badge of honor in certain circles.

We’re addicted to the labels, to the scars, and to the story.

‘How could it be so easy? Simply changing focus and all our life would change?!!’




Maybe but that’s still how life works…

Initially, I thought that just training people to use this method would allow them to create miracles. But now I am shifting to offering more and more support, because I realize that while manifestation creates real miracles, it also tends to kick our lovely behinds in the process.

Honestly, even after more than 20 years and all the incredible manifestations I have experienced, I too fall back into my slumber from time to time and doubt the whole idea!

Therefore I can’t blame anyone who hasn’t experienced successful manifestations to feel discombobulated by the process.

It’s a natural reflex.

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Get strategic!

Manifesting your dreams is not for the faint of heart.

It requires:

– an unyielding desire to be YOU

– the desire to write your own original story

– consistency

– the ability to look beyond appearances

– the discipline to reach for happiness no matter the circumstances

– the capacity to hold on to your vision as if your life depended on it.

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Now it’s quite easy when you’re manifesting something you don’t really need, something you’re not depending on: a new toy, new clothes, a parking spot…

There are no opposing thoughs and no fear so it’s relatively easy to stay focused and positive.


Things get tricky when you really NEED a solution. That’s when you experience a lot of fears and anxieties that you must counteract if you want to be successful with your manifestation.

– How do you imagine yourself living in your dream home when your present living situation is chaotic at best?

– How do you imagine and believe in the impossible like being healed of a dreadful disease?

– Isn’t that lying or being delusional?

– How can you be honest about your difficult situation and be positive at the same time?

– How do you keep going when you hear bad news?

These are the questions you have to answer and the thoughts you have to conquer to succeed in receiving a big manifestation.


As with everything being prepared opens the road for success. When you have the right strategies you’ll be able to enjoy the roller coaster ride of manifestation with confidence and trust in the happy ending you have prepare for yourself even if things presently look desperate.


Here’s what you need:

– Have a clear vision that motivates and inspires you each day.

– Understand why you follow your strategy to build trust in the process.

– Identify and anticipate your sabotaging patterns.

– Protect yourself from negative influences.

– Prepare for success.

– Have daily success habits.

– Learn to move through the fear.

– And last but not least, lose the excuses.


It’s time to play a bigger game! Are you ready? This is all it takes to manifest your dreams!


If you’ve been struggling to bring a massive or challenging dream to life, you don’t have to do it all on your own. I have put my entire manifestation method in these online workshops that will help you navigate the challenges I described in this post and if you are looking for even more personalized support, I am here for you.

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Pinterest banner: do you have what it takes to manifest your dreams
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Last updated on April 25th, 2019.


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