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I recently had a birthday and now I am officially an ancient lady if you ask any high school graduate. But as far as I am concerned I still see myself as one of the young kids.

Now as much as I like to joke about not really being an adult, I have actually been one for a very long time.

And this new landmark is definitely a reminder that later needs to happen now or it might become never.

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I am a huge fan of people who take on hobbies or new activities much later in life. I find it really inspiring.

People who decide to finish high-school, like this 99 year old high school graduate.

Become fit, like this 77 year old bodybuilder.

Take piano lessons.

But they are the exception rather than the norm.

For most people the passing of time becomes an excuse to do less. As they progress in life and get more responsibilities, they have less time, less energy, less drive.

And eventually later becomes never.


I really wanted to take this opportunity to invite you to dust off your bucket list and start crossing things off. There will never be a perfect time to start, so why not now.

If you’ re feeling too old or that it’s too late, re-watch the videos (here and there) and watch your excuses melt away.

It’s never too late, but you might as well get started today.



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