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‘How to you cure the post-holiday blues?’ This question is on the mind of most people right now.

The Summer break is ending which means it’s time to head back to work. And for most this prospect lies somewhere between sticking needles under your nails or pocking your eye out on the excitement scale.

It’s a massive pain.

Only a few days ago life was so sweet: sippings drinks by the ocean, enjoying the sunset, hiking or whatever you may have been doing.

And now it’s back to the mine: traffic jams, stress, nasty co-workers, angry bosses…

Yes that life!

So what is one to do when that feeling hits? What is the post-holiday blues cure?

  • Eat ice-cream?
  • Go shopping?
  • Make friends with the bartender at this fancy cocktail bar down the street?


Here’s a crazy idea: how about fixing your life so it doesn’t suck so much?!

Seriously, consider this: if you were to hit your toe with a hammer, it would probably hurt like hell.

Would you do it repeatedly?

Probably not!

So why put up with the drudgery year in-year-out?

Pain is an indication that something is off and ignoring it is never healthy.

Maybe this post-holiday blues is telling you something…

  • Maybe there are some dreams lying in a drawer, a business idea or some other projects that need to be brought to life.
  • Maybe it’s your immediate environment needs some tweaking.
  • Maybe you’ve gone completely off-track…

That’s for you to find out.

Ultimately, ice-cream is not the post-holiday blues cure, nor are shopping sprees nor a trip to the spa.

You might be thinking that I am joking? That I am exaggerating?

Well, this type of advice is actually plastered all over the internet: ‘take a shower’, ‘have sex’, ‘go to the movies’… Typical of our society which loves fixing symptoms instead of remedying causes.

It may alleviate your blues for a bit and make the pain more bearable. However, it’s only a bandage, it’s not a real post-vacation blues cure. Just like when the hammer keeps hitting the toe, eventually the toe will be in pretty bad shape, you will also be if you keep ignoring the signs.

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Here are some resources to cure your post-vacation blues for good!

Do you want to go even further?

You were not born for a life of drudgery. It may seem like the responsible and safe thing to do right now. However, this is not healthy. There’s a whole, magnificent world waiting for you when you decide to get off the hamster wheel, get out of the mine and step into your true destiny.

And I am not trying to make this sound easier than it is, because from experience, I know that reinventing your life is no small feat. (However, there are ways to make things a lot easier though!)

I’ve reinvented my life many times and I can assure you that when you come out on the other side it’s really worth the effort: every day feels like a holiday.

Wouldn’t it be great if this was your last post-holiday blues?

Then take action concrete action today to change your life for good!

If you need help with this process, you can enroll into one of these virtual workshops or choose one of these bespoke reinvention offers.

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Post updated on July 4th, 2019

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