What You need to know about the cost of living your dreams.


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Most people have this idea that when they reach their dreams life will be perfect and easy. They will never have to make an effort or do anything difficult again.

Life will be all chocolates and macaroons.

I don’t want to rain on the parade but…


Life is made of contrast.
Everything comes with a positive and a negative aspect.

You really love your children, however yes sometimes they can really drive you insane.
You love traveling however going through security is just a massive pain.
Juicing is the bomb however cleaning the juicer really bites.

Am I saying that shouldn’t strive to go for what you really want?
That it doesn’t really matter because things will always be hard no matter what you do?

No, absolutely not!

A simple hug from your daughter can make a hard day go away.
Exploring the world and discovering new cultures will feed your soul for many years.
And fresh juices keep you looking and feeling like an 18 year old.

So you know it’s worth it!

It’s the same when you follow your dreams: the good offsets the bad.

Life is made of contrast. There's a cost to living your dreams. Click To Tweet


Sometimes to keep the good you have, you have to be ready to make tough choices.

A personal example that comes to mind is the biggest social network on the planet.
It gives me hives.

You may have heard of my aversion for it. I started as a big user of the social network but over the years I grew more and more dissatisfied with the site until I decided to kill my account.

Even though at first it took some effort, these days I am totally at peace with this decision. I don’t even think of it.

Except… when I join a program that uses this network as a platform for its private community. Then it’s really frustrating!

On one hand I would really love to connect with like-minded people and get all the support I can get, but on the other hand I just cannot deal with the social network’s TOS.

I can’t get around the issue of signing off more than I care to to a corporation.

It’s annoying because it’s costing me money and opportunities.
However, I am not changing my mind because this site is not aligned with my dream life.

I am not sharing this to get a medal.

My point is this: dreams are not just about the happy-ending.  Dreams take work to build, and take efforts to maintain.
Dreams are not just about happy-endings. Dreams take efforts to maintain. Click To Tweet

You must be vigilant, discerning and accept that no matter how good things get in your life, there will always be a downside.

This is the cost of living your dreams.

Updated on Dec. 19th, 2019



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