How to cope with being single this holiday season


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This post is a follow-up on the previous post that dealt with end of year stress. This one is a little more specific and shares with you 3 tips to cope with being single during the holiday season.

The holiday season is a tough time for singles.

Many of the friends that you normally can count on for your social life are busy with family so it can get lonely.

And, family get-togethers can get stressful with annoying family members putting the pressure on you about your relationship status.

Here are three things you can do to save your sanity:

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When your best friend is out of town you have to become your best friend (actually you should always should be your best friend no matter what but that’s another topic).


There’s absolutely no shame in being single: a relationship doesn’t make you better or worse. Your relationship status is not relevant to your value and your character.

At the end of the day it’s better to be single then in poor company. And being single can be a fantastic time in your life.

There’s no shame in having high standards especially in this day and age where people are broken and the dating scene is a jungle.

There’s no shame in deciding a relationship is not for you right now.

List all your qualities that make you awesome, remind yourself of the reasons why you’re a catch, why you’re valuable, why you’ll be a fantastic partner if you’d like to find someone, or remind yourself of why single life is perfect for you right now if this is what you want.

Give yourself some love and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about yourself no matter your circumstances.

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What are the things that make you happy?

– Your favorite movie? Your favorite song? Your favorite artist?

– Taking a trip to the spa?

Watch kittens and puppies videos if that’s what does it for you but no matter what it is, just fill you soul with things that warm you up inside.


The last point is about being strategic.

What gets to you?

Is it:

– Your aunt who makes fun of you because you can’t find anyone?

– Your sister-in-law who is always trying to match you with her lame friends?

– Being alone and feeling lonely?

List the offenders and have a counter-attack plan!

For annoying family members: dodge questions, redirect the conversation, in extreme case, stay away.

For the blues: prepare an emergency pack.

Get out of the house, meet people (expat networking groups are great for that), volunteer, favorite movie, adopt a pet, enjoy day at spa, get a massage…

Get creative!

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If you’re single and looking for true love and haven’t had much chance so far, don’t let it get to you.

Instead, be strategic and start doing things differently. I’ve put together a program that will help you update your strategy and attract Mr Right even if all odds seem stacked up again you. Check it out!

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Pinterest banner: how to cope with being single this holiday season


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