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Last updated on March 17th, 2021

If you’ve been practicing any form of personal development, you’re probably aware of the fact that you need a to-do.

However, have you heard of a ‘to-be’ list?

A to-be list is an amazing success hack that will save you tons of effort and time, and help you clear your to-do list as if by magic.

Here’s what you need to know about a to-be list.

You've obviously heard of a to-do. But are you using a to-be? Here's how a to-be will help you clear your to-do as if by magic. Click To Tweet

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If you prefer reading, here’s the transcript:

Everybody knows what a to-do list is. You take a goal you break it down, it gives you a list of tasks and you get your to-do list.

What you may not know is that you also need a to-be and that a to-be will help you clear your to-do as if by magic.

Here’s what you need to know.

Hey everyone, this is Dominique Andersen. Welcome to stretchandbloom soundbite where in five minutes or less I will give you a quick tip to create a life you love.

By now you’ve probably gathered that I love manifestation, because manifestation is amazing. It saves you time, it saves effort, it’s efficient, it’s elegant, it’s everything! I really love it! And when you understand manifestation, you’re gonna understand why you need a to-be and where I’m going with this concept.

For example, say you’re working on a project. You have tasks, you have a to-do list and you’re working through the list crossing things out one after the other and after the other. Some tasks are short, some tasks take a lot of time, a lot of effort and, … and you’re in a space of trying to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Kind of contemplating the distance, trying to close that gap. You’re not there yet.
And if you don’t know better you might even get frustrated, you might even feel this distance feel this road you still have to walk.

And if you understand manifestation what you’re doing there when you start feeling that, you’re actually manifesting the distance. You’re actually, you know, attracting breakdowns and delays and problems. All sorts of things to actually widen that gap.

Because the thing is: you get what you send out so if you’re stressed out and grumpy when are you working on the to-do list, you gonna get more stuff to be stressed out and grumpy about.

This is why a to-be is a hack.

The trick is to step into the feeling of having what you want to manifest. You know you have to be in the space of… The question is: ‘how do you want to feel when your dream life manifests? when your dream manifests? when your objective manifests?’. You have to step into that and you know like call those feelings.

Do you want to feel excited? You want to feel happy? Relieved? Honored? Supported? All those feelings you have to to get clear on what they are. And these are the feelings that need to be on your to-be. And these are the feelings you need to be practicing.

Actually, while you’re working on you to do and when you do this, what happens when you get out of this process and and the frustration that comes with working towards a goal, when you get out of the space of ‘there’s still this distance I need to close’ but you you get into the space of actually having arrived, you actually attracts things to close the gap faster. It’s very strange. But you know, imagine you have this to-do. You have all these bullet points.

You might just get a call from someone you haven’t heard in a long time and they’re gonna give you a tip. And that tip is going to allow you to cross out five, seven bullet points just like that! Just because you’re in the space of ‘it’s done’.

That’s the point of the to-be. It’s being in the space of ‘it’s done’.

And in BLOSSOM my new manifestation reinvention workshop, I show you exactly how you can use this hack in many ways to use to create your life and to cut down on the work it takes to create what you want.

And cut down on the stress.

It’s incredibly powerful and I just, I just love this trick! I really I think it’s amazing. I love this trick.

If you want to check it out go to the link below this recording and you can learn more about BLOSSOM.

But in any case what I really want you to remember is: the key is, while you work towards a goal you want to step out of this feeling of… ‘um, I need to close a gap’ and the state of having a to-do, having all these bullet points. And you want to step into the state of having what you want and, and practicing this.

And this is what I call it a to-be because you’re practicing the feelings that come with the having achieved what you’re trying to accomplish. And these feelings will allow you to close that gap.

And you’re gonna be amazed. I don’t know how, but you’re gonna see that things will come to you. Opportunities will come to you and your to-do is going to shrink. I think it’s a pretty cool trick!

Well, that’s it for today that was my quick tip!
Thank you for listening! If you’ve enjoyed this tip make sure to join my innercircle. That’s where you’ll get access to all my in-depth tips. To join go to circle.

Have a great day! Until next time! Bye!

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Banner pinterest:Clear your to-do list by magic with a to-be list
Banner pinterest:Clear your to-do list by magic with a to-be list
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