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Updated on July 20th, 2021.

When I was a child in France they had us memorize and recite poetry standing in front of the entire class.

Memorizing the lines was pure drudgery and standing in from of the class was the ultimate torture. I never thought I would actually be grateful one day that they had made us learn all this stuff.

With summer finally being here, the sun steadily shining, the birds chirping and everyone getting ready to make the most of life, one of the fables we learned comes back to mind.

The ant and the cicada.

It’s a cute story that you may have heard before. It’s about an ant, a cicada and their different approach to life:

It’s summer and the cicada is living its best life singing and dancing the day away.
The ant, well, she’s an ant: methodical, hard-working and driven.

Guess what happens when fall comes?

If you don’t already know, I am not telling you, you’ll have to read it for yourself.

All this to say that we are about to hit the 6 months mark. Half a year is gone by already and next year is almost around the corner!

You think I am exaggerating?

  • Summertime is party-time so you’re probably going to be busy with friends and vacations.
  • In September, it’s back to school-time, things get really busy.
  • Then comes Halloween and starting to wrap up the year, that’s when everybody is su-per busy!
  • Afterwards comes the holiday season and with the gifting, the traveling, the family functions and everybody is going to be … yes, extremely busy!

And you see, just like that the year is over!

Life has happened to you, you’re nowhere near to reaching your objectives and you’re back to making new year promises to yourself that next year will be different.

But will it be, really?

The summer trap.

For many people summer is the best time of the year.
That’s when they forget about everything… even what they need to do to be successful.

That’s the summer trap!

But, it could equally be called the back-to-school trap or the holiday-season trap.

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There’s always going to be something in the way: vacations, children, bosses, clients, life’s challenges.

The time will never be exactly right.

It’s your attitude about life, in other words whether you are an ant or a cicada, that will make or break you.

  • If you’re a cicada, enjoy your summer but also be sure to take a couple of cues from the ant and plans for fall.
  • If you’re an ant, I know you’ll be prepared for whatever comes your way. But,  remember to have a little fun as well.


Whichever personality you are, if you’d like to avoid the summer trap and stay on top of your dream building efforts, make sure to join my summer challenge to get a clear picture of where you are standing and set yourself up to finish the year with a bang.

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