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The back-to-work blues is the unfortunate downside of having had a fabulous vacation.

If you’re looking for a tip to combat back-to-work blues, I’ve got a pretty good one for you below.

Listen to today’s quick tip:

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If you prefer reading, here’s the transcript:

You had a fabulous vacation, you’re back at work and that kind of hurts. If you’re feeling the back-to-work blues I have a tip for you.

Hey everyone, this is Dominique Andersen welcome to STRETCH+BLOOM soundbite where in five minutes or less I will give you a quick tip to create a life you love.

Imagine you are going out with some friends.

So, you’re scheduled to meet in the beautiful restaurant where you’re gonna have a great time, have some great drinks, fabulous food.

So you’re super, super excited.

So the night comes, you get to the place. Looks absolutely gorgeous!

Great location great decor, lovely ambiance, really pretty fun. You are there, waiting for your table having a drink while you’re talking to your friends.

You know, just having a good time.

The waiter comes, brings you to your table. Looks gorgeous! You look around you. You look at the plates of your neighbors. You’re like: ‘oh, that looks good’. You know, you’re really getting in the mood. Really anticipating good times and anticipating the conversations, anticipating the food.

Great evening!
You sit down, you get your menu, you look inside all these choices. You know, you take your time: ‘This dish? That dish?’. You know, kind of trying to figure out what you really, really feel like. You settle for one dish. Everybody’s ready.

The waiter comes back.  You order and you know, you keep talking, sharing jokes, talking about work, talking about life talking, about all these things and having a good time.

The waiter comes back: the food is there. Beautiful.

He sets the plates on the table. Presentation is fabulous. Looks absolutely perfect! Everybody’s really excited. Okay, this is gonna be a great meal! You pick up your fork, your knife and you start your first bite.  Hmmm, it’s gonna be really, really good. 

Except, that’s when the waiter comes back, grabs all the plates and clears the table.  Once he’s gone, he comes back with the check.

How would you feel? 
Would you be pissed off?
Would you be freaked out?
Would you be.. what would you feel? Would you feel cheated?

You feel cheated?

Well think about it: this is how most people live their lives. This is how most people live their lives.

They have dreams, they have aspirations, they have all these bucket lists, all these places they want to visit, all these experiences they want to have and what do they do?

They, you know, schedule a little bit of fun once a year: two weeks, three weeks, and that’s it! Isn’t it a bit like, you know, going to a restaurant making all these plans and only eat a bite. You’re just eating one bite of your life, one bite of all the experiences you want to have.

Aren’t you cheating yourself?

I really do you believe a lot of of this feeling of being frustrated and unfulfilled and have this having this back-to-work blues is connected. You’re not allowing yourself to really really experience all these things that you want to have in your life.

So my tip for today is simply: this back-to-work blues is telling you something and it’s probably telling you to take a good look at your life and figure out what’s missing there.

Figure out what you need to add to your life, figure out all these things, all these dishes that you just had a bite of but you really haven’t tasted.

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Have a great day! Until next time. Bye!

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Dealing with back-to-work blues: woman at the window

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