9 ways to improve yourself over the summer


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Last updated on July 20th, 2021.

Summer is the time where everything and everyone slows down. And that’s the time when smart ladies position themselves for a head start.


There’s less stress, more time and less competition.

Whether you’re feel stuck and behind on your goals, or you’d like to quantum leap your life, these 9 tips will help you improve yourself over the summer.

Feeling stuck and behind on your dreams? Here are 9 ways to improve your life over the summer. Click To Tweet

1. Do a mid-year review and decide on what to improve over the summer.

For most people, new year resolutions are long gone and forgotten. The busyness of daily life has taken over and lead most astray. The thing is: it’s the same story year in, year out and you eventually wake up 10 years down the road feeling bitter for not having made any progress.

A simple trick to avoid disappointment is to do regular check-ins. And summer is the perfect time for that!

We’re half-way through the year: the ideal time to reconnect with your goals, check on how you’re doing, evaluate how far along you are and course-correct.

I swear by this practice, and that’s actually the first step of my Summer Challenge: because, you can’t make progress without evaluating where you are!

2. Set goals that help you improve yourself over the summer.

Summer is the time to relax, enjoy the sunshine, have drinks on a rooftop or on the beach.

However, beware: summer lasts a whole quarter and if you take it too easy, you know who’s going to be panicked in a few months?

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a bucket list full of fancy destinations and fun activities.

However, is there a way you could squeeze in a couple of power goals that could take your life up a notch or 2 this summer?

  • Is there a project you haven’t had time to complete that could benefit from the extra peace of the quiet season?
  • Is there a dream you could dust off from the back burner?

Figure out a few ways to make progress and jot them down on your bucket list between scuba diving and taking long trolls on the beach.

quote to remind you to improve over the summer

3. Take a challenge!

Is there some part of your life where you’d like to see some massive growth?

Then, take a challenge!

Maybe a fitness challenge to give yourself the energy boost you need, a clean-eating challenge to see if you can switch to the healthier diet you’ve been talking about for months or a stress-release challenge so you can finally feel less frazzled?

This summer, I am taking my Private Circle members on a challenge to level up their lives. If you feel the urge to upgrade your mindset and give your dreams a boost, join us!

4. Form a new habit!

This tip is a bit of an extension on the previous one: why not form (or lose) a habit?

Think about: in summer, things slow down. Life is less stressful and we are more relaxed.

Isn’t that the perfect time to step outside of your comfort zone and push yourself to make changes?

  • What do you need to learn?
  • What do you need to change?
  • What do you need to improve about yourself?

Make a commitment and get started now. It only takes 30 days to begin to form new habits. If you start today, you’ll be a changed woman by September!

5. Have a self-reflection retreat.

This is one is one of my favorite tricks.

I love retreats!

They are extremely powerful when it comes to gaining clarity and getting unstuck fast.

I absolutely credit retreats for having allowed me to make quick turnarounds when life required radical changes.

If you can manage it, take advantage of the summer break to give yourself a couple of days off for some introspection,  to journal, practice self-care and get reacquainted to yourself.

Big changes start from these quiet moments with yourself where you get new insights, new ideas and fresh inspiration.

Find a quiet spot, treat yourself to some self-care practices, ask yourself deep questions and allow yourself to be surprised by where this takes you.

If you’re not sure where to start with your retreat, I’ve written this extremely detailed guide on designing your own personal retreat.

And, if you need some direction and some prompts to guide your soul-searching activities, these workshops will give you the guidance you need to reflect and initiate big changes.

Big changes start from these quiet moments with yourself. Click To Tweet

6. Grow your network over the summer.

Summer is full of opportunities to meet new people. Why not take advantage of all the social activities available to also boost your network?

New opportunities are often attached to new people. Therefore, a brilliant way to open the door for big changes this summer is to go out and mingle.

  • Who is missing in your life?
  • Who would you like to have on your team?
  • Who could you partner up with to make the impact you’ve been wanting to make?

Make a list and start connecting!

Of course, think win-win.

Brainstorm what you have to bring, how you can contribute, initiate new connections and see which doors open.

Quote: a successful side-hustle gives you the freedom to quit

7.  Start a side hustle.

When it comes to making big changes in life, one of the biggest stumbling blocks for most people is being tied to their job because it’s their sole source of income.

Of course, you’ve worked hard to get you are and you are doing great, it’ll be stupid to throw it all away.

However, feeling stressed-out, stuck and miserable is not really a great long-term plan.

That’s where having a lucrative side hustle could work to your advantage. It would give you an additional safety buffer.

Of course, starting a side-hustle requires a bit of time. So, why not take advantage of the summer slow-down to figure out what you could start and set things in motion?

8. Make a vision board.

A vision board is a powerful tool to get unstuck, reconnect with yourself, set new goals and keep yourself on-track.

While reviewing ideas to add to your summer bucket list, you’ve probably come across dreams that need to feature on your dream life vision board.

Take advantage of the inspiring mood of the summer and collect all those dreams on a new vision board.

9. Enjoy life!

Last but not least, while I am all for a productive summer, I also know how most women that connect with me are spinning their wheels, feeling stressed-out and over-worked.

Eventually, this leads to exhaustion which is not the best place to be if you want to make any progress…

So, be sure to include space to relax, enjoy yourself and let go of some stress.

Allowing yourself to recharge is also a great way to give your life a boost this summer!

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