7 ways to create more ambitious goals (that also feed your soul!)


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How do you create more ambitious goals?

For most people a big, ambitious goal probably looks like owning a big house, a fancy luxurious car, a yacht or a private plane even.

I call these things toys.

Toys are ok, but interestingly do you know what most super rich people who have all the toys in the world mostly crave?

Meaning, depth, purpose, passion and connection.

So instead of focusing solely on material gain, when you carve your goals make sure you are not creating a prison you will eventually regret. Create goals that challenge you to be better all-around: truly ambitious goals that excite you and also nourish your soul.

Here are 7 ways to create more ambitious goals:

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1.Aim to live more

Your goals shouldn’t be only about chasing material gain and prestige.
Make sure to allow for time with the people you love, time to do what you enjoy and what you’re passionate about.

Don’t become like this man who gave all his life to become successful only to realize that the price of success wasn’t worth it.

Your friends will start a family and have less time for you, your children will grow up and get too big to hug, your parents will grow older.

You will probably regret the quality time you didn’t spend with the people who love, more than the time you didn’t spend working on that really “important” file.

2.Aim to be more authentic

Often when we create a goal we try to strike a balance between what we want and what we believe is possible. This often leads to undesired compromises like having the career but having no life for instance.

I am not saying that all compromises are bad. Compromises are a key part of living in society.

But compromising on your dream, your values and your integrity should be a no-no.

When you carve out a new goal be uncompromising: go for what you really want, not what you believe you should want, not what you believe you can reasonably get, not what society has told you to treasure.

Connect with your soul and let it guide towards the right goal for you. And then be bold, unapologetic, and reach out for what you truly makes your heart sing!

And remember universal laws are on your side, no matter how bold your dream, there are ways to align yourself with these laws to make your dream a million times easier to reach.

3.Aim to be challenged to grow

A truly ambitious goal should challenge you to grow, become a better person all around and push your limits.

It should force you to be on your best behavior and unearth negative habits.

For example: if you don’t know how to manage money, suddenly becoming richer won’t help your money woes.

At first, it may temporarily alleviate them. But soon enough, your old problems will come back and haunt you on a much larger scale because your over-spending, mismanaging or over-giving habits haven’t been tackled.

You’ve probably heard the horror-stories of rags-to-riches-to-rags of certain celebrities, athletes and lottery winners

If your goal is to acquire more wealth, you should also strive to learn about managing it and develop the mindsets that allow you to handle it.

Of course, the same logic can apply to any other goal you pursue.

4.Aim to serve more

Ambitious goals shouldn’t be all about what you will get. Make sure to also include giving back and supporting others.

And when I say giving back I am not necessarily saying go halfway across the world to give your support to less-fortunate people. More often than not, we are not the best to support people who live in other parts of the world because we don’t really understand them, their cultures, what they truly need, or the repercussion our intervention can have on their societal ecosystem.

Better: start where you are!

You see, if everyone in the world starts taking care of their own backyard, everyone will end up being taken care of.

So look around you and start making a difference and watch your actions ripple.

5.Aim to question what you know

Let’s say you are a real estate tycoon who’s made a fortune building mansions in the north of the western hemisphere.

By your standards, you’re really knowledgeable about housing and construction.

Now, imagine you decided to give back and build houses for the homeless in a less privileged and warmer part of the world.

If you used the floorplans and the construction materials that you are used to using, it would be a catastrophy.

Your houses would be in-adapted to the weather, to the means of the people they were destined with and to the geography (typhoons and seismic risks).

My point?

Don’t assume anything. Be open to new ideas.

Just because you have some knowledge doesn’t mean you know the whole picture.

We live in a complex world composed of so many intricate layers.

Therefore, when you create a goal stay humble about what you know, be willing to question everything you believe to be true and to adapt your ideas to what the situation really needs. Not your fantasies.

It doesn’t matter which type of goal you pursue. If you create goals that make you question what you know, you will grow and you’ll have more chance of having a positive impact.

6.Aim to inspire others

Most of us learn by emulation: we copy what others do.

If you’re surrounded with negative people who don’t accomplish much in their lives, it will be much harder for you to believe that you can become successful.

By the same token, if you’ve grown up surrounded by successful people you’ll find it easier to reach even higher levels of success.

Thanks to books and media, people who find themselves on the wrong track have a way to stock up on positivity and inspiration.

Even if your family wasn’t musical growing up listening to Whitney could have inspired you to become a singer. If no one in your family ever had a degree, learning about Einstein could have made you want to become a scientist.

Unfortunately, people can also emulate the worst and take on destructive behavior learned from celebrities.

If your goal is to reach some level of influence make sure you use it responsibly to inspire others to reach more greatness instead of being careless and present a destructive model to the world.

7.Strive to be in harmony with nature.

This may sound a bit hippie-ish to you but the truth is we live in an ecosystem. We need the trees to breathe, the bees to pollinate our food, the children are the next generation of leaders.

You can have all the mansions and cars in the world if you can’t breathe they are not worth much.

Therefore when you set goals make sure that you are not taking our environment for granted. If you build your castle on sand, it will eventually sink.

By the same token, getting rich by selling drugs to your community or promoting junk food to kid is a sure way to kill your future.

If you’re reading this you’re probably not the type of person who would go to such extends. However, is there any way your goals are not really aligned with the balance of our ecosystem?

If it’s the case, how can you create more ambitious goals that are also respectful of our world?

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Last edited on May 2nd, 2019.



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