5 ways to beat overwhelm as busy career woman


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It’s official we’re in the end of the year let’s-run-around-like-a-beheaded-chicken phase. And between your work, your family, your social life, the presents, you don’t seem to have a minute for yourself and you’re starting to really feel overwhelmed.

While it may not be possible to avoid all stress that comes with the end of the year, here are 5 ways you can beat overwhelm in your daily life.

1. Prioritize

More often than not overwhelm is a function of lack of clarity. We face many demands in our daily lives, and we don’t know how to hierarchize them. Therefore all of them land on our to-do list without much scrutiny. Picking of up clothes from the laundry is competing with finishing a proposal for a chunk of our very scarce attention.

All of these items share the same level of priority. No wonder we’re feeling overwhelmed! The secret to deal with this: prioritize.

While your proposal may need to be sent out today, the laundry can probably wait a couple of days or could even be picked up by someone else. Everything that is on your to-do list does not necessarily need to be accomplished today or even by you.

Go through your list and identify what is a priority for you to move the needle in your life now.

Accomplish those tasks first and re-schedule or delegate the rest.

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2. Chunk it up!

With the advent of modern technology and so many devices constantly competing for our attention, it has become increasingly hard to find undisturbed periods of time. We constantly feel stressed, unfocused, unable to concentrate.

Another solution to beat overwhelm is chunking.

By batching activities of similar nature, we benefit from the flow of consciousness that allows us to perform more efficiently. Instead of starting a task then stopping and starting a new task, we save time by performing one task over a longer period of time.

The benefits of this?

More focus, more productivity!

The way to start?

Clear out chunks of time in your calendar where you will focus solely on one activity.

The rules?

No cell phone, no emails, only one task for a specific period of time. You can even set a timer.

Once you’re done, you can get back to the world and check on your messages.

3. Replenish

As I mention in my 21 day stress-free living challenge, one of the biggest flaws of the modern-day Superwoman, is that she doesn’t practice self-care. Obviously there are so many things to accomplish every day that it seems impossible to find time to take care of yourself.

However truth be told, if you don’t take care of yourself you’re not really going to be able to take care of anyone or perform effectively for that matter.

To be effective (while remaining poised and relaxed) you must first have energy.

While many women are under the illusion that practicing self-care is selfish, it actually is the wisest action you can accomplish to become more effective and less overwhelmed.

You don’t have to spend days at the spa, go on massive shopping sprees and spoil yourself silly to practice self-care. Just a few minutes at the beginning of the day focused on yourself, on reviewing your objectives and your dreams, or on meditating will work wonder for your well-being and to help you beat overwhelm.

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4. Learn to say ‘no’

Many soul-centered women are very generous, and they strive to be very accommodating.

Unfortunately in doing so they can over-extend themselves. It seems that they have not learned to say no. There’s nothing wrong with saying no. You cannot be there for everyone, you cannot save everyone, you cannot be everywhere. It’s just a reality of life.

In life you have to make choices. And those choices need to be aligned with your values, with your priorities, with your goals.
Obviously, when you have the time, the energy, the resources, by all means be generous.

But when you are exhausted, ‘no’ is a word that should be part of your vocabulary.

5. Manifest!

Manifestation is one of my favorite overwhelm hack. It is the art of creating specific outcomes by using your personal energy.

Concretely, it means aligning your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions with the ideal outcome you wish to experience.
And by virtue of certain universal laws, you get to experience your ideal outcome with much more ease then if you were pursuing it through more traditional means.

I’ve used it many times to greatly simplify my life and create amazing breakthroughs when I was feeling overwhelmed like this time when I needed a new place and I ‘attracted’ the perfect place without looking for it (or even visiting it).

Curious about the process?

The idea is simple.

– Decide on what you want.
– Align your belief system and get clear on your reasons for wanting this experience.
– Remove any beliefs that make you doubt that you can reach this outcome.
– Focus intensively on your ideal outcome and you allow it to come to you.

Interestingly enough things will rearrange themselves in your life, and it will come to you by means which you cannot devise.

It’s fairly simple system but it can be somewhat challenging.

If you’re interested in learning more, make sure read this article to get started.

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Last edited on Dec. 18th, 2019



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