3 ways you’re killing your manifestations


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Last updated on October 4th, 2021.

You’ve probably felt very excited when you first heard about manifestation. It sounds like the stuff of magic: the ability to magnetize your dreams effortlessly through your energy!

However, after a few trials you’re not sure what to think anymore: you’re still stressed, you’re still working too hard and your stuff is not showing up.

Now, before you get mad at me, let me remind you of what I always say: manifestation is simple but not easy, so don’t give up you will get better at it.

To help you along, here’s 3 top ways you could be killing your manifestations and what you can do to fix things.

Manifestation is simple but not easy. If you're not getting the results you are after, here are 3 ways you could be killing your manifestations. Click To Tweet

1. Is it here? Is it here?

Being impatient is the number one way you can kill your manifestation. Constantly worrying about when and if your goal is going to manifest is sending mixed signals to the ‘universe’ and this is actually what slows doing the process.

You may have heard this example before: when you plant a seed you leave it to rest in the ground. If you constantly pull it out to see if something is happening, it will never grow.

Same logic applies here: you must relax in the certainty that all is unfolding as it should and that what you need will come to you at the right time.

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2. You’re not manifesting, you’re hustling.

There’s nothing that annoys me more than fake manifestation gurus who use the word manifesting as a synonym for hustling.

I have seen that so many times with many unscrupulous coaches who use the word ‘manifesting’ to give a more ‘spiritual’ overtone to their telling you to hustle like crazy to be able to pay for their stuff.

‘Here’s how you manifest money: you get a new client! You sell something valuable! You put it on your credit card!’

That’s not manifesting money, that’s just hustling to get money.
It’s nothing to do with manifestation.

The point of manifesting something is to make a way when there’s no way.

It’s about getting the money when you hit a sudden business slump, when you don’t have access to credit or you don’t have anything valuable to sell and you neeeeeeeeed to make a payment.

If people had a way to get what they wanted by more traditional means they wouldn’t bother with manifestation…

Actually more often than not, what you need to do to manifest anything is diametrically opposed to what you normally do to get something in the traditional way.

You must slow down and relax, not hustle more.

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One example:

I had committed to take a vacation but at the last minute I had to reassign the funds I had set aside for it.

Now according to these ‘gurus’, to manifest money I should have pestered all my past clients, devalued my work to offer a sale, sold off some jewellery, …

Here’s what I did instead:

1. I got clear on my intend to take the trip.

2. I cleared up my calendar and made arrangements for things to run smoothly in my absence.

3. I packed my suitcase.

4. Then I felt myself on vacation. I did this for quite a while, taking breaks between sessions.

At some point, the phone rang. Even though I had planned not to be available for anyone, I had to take that call. It was someone I had helped a few years ago and they spontaneously offered me money as payment for these past services without me asking for anything.

All of a sudden I had more than enough money for this vacation! Completely out of the blue!

5. I booked myself on the next flight and off I went.

That’s how you manifest. No pestering, no hustling, no selling your stuff.

Now you will probably have to take action at some point to bring your manifestation to life. However, this will be inspired action taken from a place of certainty, not beheaded-chicken ´OMG, I have to make this happen’ panic-ridden action.

There’s a difference!

3. You sugar-coat how you feel

So many people have the erroneous idea that being positive is running around with a fake smile on your face pretending everything is fine.

That’s not how it works.

Trust me if I can read the struggle and the fear on your face through your smile, the ‘universe’ knows too and you’re not manifesting anything good.

No matter how much you smile and how positively and softly you speak, if you’re not feeling it, you’re not getting it.

The universe is precise and exact and you can’t con your way through a manifestation. No matter how well you mean.

No feel, no get!

You have to find ways to make yourself actually feel good. Not pretend that you feel good.

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How to make things work

Now the question is: how do you truly make yourself feel good (not pretend) about something that’s not in your life when you don’t know where, when or how it will come to you and you really need it?

Short answer: it’s a skill and it takes practice.

When your life works you can manifest stuff easily, especially when it’s not too important to you. This is why so many people effortlessly manifest parking spots and free coffee.

However when your life is broken or when you really need what you’re trying to manifest, it’s challenging. This is why most people never consciously manifest more than a parking spot or a free cup of coffee!

But don’t give up on manifestation yet. It is still the shortcut.

You see, the ‘universe’ is always listening to you and delivering accordingly: in a way if you find yourself struggling, your struggle is an exact reflection of what you’ve ‘ordered’! Your day-to-day experience is simply showing you what you’ve been resonating with.

Therefore, it makes sense to learn how to stop unwittingly manifesting chaos in your life.

Here are some steps you can take to get things back on track:

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