3 Easy Steps To Make Your Resolutions Stick


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The year has just come to an end. And depending on your beliefs, you may be relieved that life on earth didn’t come to an end, or you may be celebrating the beginning of a new era for humanity, or simply recovering from the festivities.

In any case, for most people this is the time when we reflect on the past 12 months. It’s the time when we reconnect with our dreams and look to the future.

Most people write New Year’s resolutions, turn to horoscopes or get readings to see what the New Year has in store for them. Then they cross their fingers and hope that all will go to plan. While most have a real desire for lasting change, it’s often tainted with the feeling that it’s a haphazard endeavor.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

If you’re ready to get in the driver’s seat of your life, here are three easy steps guaranteed to get you results this year:

1/ Make your resolutions meaningful

We are generally good at identifying which area of our lives could be better, whether it’s our health, our career, our love life or our finances.

What we often lack is the right kind of motivation. The type of motivation that helps us follow through no matter the circumstances.

There’s something arbitrary about the way most people make resolutions.

For instance, someone might say:

     ‘Lose 5 pounds by Feb 3rd.’

But why 5 pounds? Why Feb 3rd?

If there are no specific reasons, the resolution probably won’t stick when you hit a snag.

So a more powerful way to phrase this would be to focus on the benefits associated with this goal. In this case:

     ‘Wear the dress I wore on our first date for our wedding anniversary’.

The strong emotional resonance connected with this goal will be inspiring and help carry you through.

In the end, it’s not really about the numbers or specific features, it’s about the feeling and the benefits that we get when we achieve our goals.

2/ Make your resolutions real.

One of the best ways to make sure you get results from your resolutions this year is to manifest them.

If you’re not familiar with manifesting, it is a powerful process that involves your thoughts, your feelings and your beliefs to bring what you desire into your life.

When you tap into this power, it’s like the universe is working with you to help you reach your goals.

So while you may still have to exercise to lose five pounds, for example, you may finally meet a trainer who knows how to motivate you. You may be amazed that this time your family is supportive of your efforts. And you may also score a 50% discount at the gym to help you on your way.

It will seem like everywhere you turn someone or something is trying to help you reach your objectives!

One of the easiest ways to activate this power is by visualizing. It is a process that consists of vividly imagining that what you want to experience has already come to pass.

Wanna lost weight? Just try to feel the excitement of having a lighter, more slender body. Enjoy the way your clothes fit perfectly.

Want to change jobs? Hear the congratulations of your new boss and of your family. Make it real and lose yourself in those feelings.

While it may sound a little too simple, I have taught people how to consistently achieve great results with this technique. From receiving specific amounts of money from unusual channels, to effortlessly attracting streams of ideal clients, and having the perfect relationship, the sky really is the limit of what you can manifest.

3/ Be prepared for setbacks.

Have you ever watched parents leave the house with young children? Even for a short day trip, they look like they’re headed for a two-week long vacation. Toys, games, wipes, clothes, diapers, food, drinks… You name it! They have it!


Because they know the kids will get bored. They know they will need to use the bathroom. They know they will probably get dirty at some point.

So they are prepared accordingly.


When it comes to your New Year’s resolutions, you also have to think like young parents. There will be down days, busy days, sick days, fun days. Every day will bring along a list of reasons not to follow through on your dreams.

So if you want this year to be different, you must to be prepared. You must think up strategies to deal with distractions before you encounter them.


A few ideas:

– Keep your resolutions where you can see them

– Review them and visualize them several times a day

Keep track of your self-sabotaging habits, and make a plan of how to deal with them BEFORE you encounter them.

This way, you will be able to follow through on your objectives even after the excitement of the New Year wears off.


So now that you know how to go after your dreams, what are you going to manifest this year?

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pinterest banner: Make your resolutions stick in 3 easy steps

pinterest banner: Make your resolutions stick in 3 easy steps
pinterest banner: Make your resolutions stick in 3 easy steps

Last edited on Nov. 30th 2019



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