Why heart-centered people struggle to manifest money


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3 reasons why you can't manifest money

Money and financial abundance seem to be some of the greatest issues most people are struggling with in our society. Some people straight up hate the stuff, some avoid it like the plague, some just can never seem to have enough of it, very few are actually satisfied with their financial situation.

However, no matter how you feel about money, it’s pretty much a non-avoidable aspect of the human experience these days. And as much as we all agree that it doesn’t always mean happiness, we can probably all agree as well that lack of money does tend to make life pretty miserable.

Interestingly enough, when it comes to manifesting financial abundance, sensitive, spiritual, positively-inclined people seem to be the ones having the hardest time even if they are probably the ones who would be the best stewards of this resource.

Here are 3 reasons why they could be struggling:


As much as we like to believe that we are free spirits, we are very much programmed from day 1 with certain beliefs. Common expressions such as “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “you have to work hard to make money”, “rich people are nasty”, “filthy rich” give us a clear picture of where our society stands with regard to money.

The general subtext seems to be that money is hard to come-by and only greedy, selfish a**hole are rolling in it.

Actually a lot of us were brought up watching/ reading the feats of Uncle Scrooge. The rapacious, selfish, greedy, dishonest mean duck who has money as his sole companion.

Not very encouraging!

Obviously, this is not someone you would want to emulate if you are a sensitive, altruistic and caring person.

Consciously you know it’s just a cartoon character but subconsciously your mind has learned the lesson that rich equals bad person. And the counterpart of this for your subconscious mind is: ‘I am a good person therefore I must stay poor’.


This is one is a recent realization for me. It might seem obvious to you but I guess sometimes I am slow.

I’ll use myself as an example for this point: I am artistically inclined, I enjoy sounds, colors, sensations, words. I get moved by a painting, a song, a piece of jewelry.


Not so much.

That’s not how my brain is wired.

As a child, the only topic I really could not get my head around was math. It was abstract, cold and I just couldn’t connect.

When I discovered manifestation I experimented a lot. I manifested objects, trips, new relationships, but the one thing that was giving me a hard time in the beginning was money.

I could never really get in the mood, something was off.

Do you see the connection?

Money = numbers.

The more I study this, the more I come to the conclusion that a lot of spiritual, sensitive, artistically-inclined people are struggling with money simply because they are not wired to resonate with it when it is associated with numbers. It just doesn’t excite them as much as feeding children, saving animals, planting trees, doing healing work, capturing an emotion in colors on a canvas.

If you understand that manifestation is connected with having strong positive feelings, than it’s easy to understand why the money doesn’t flow if you don’t get excited by numbers…

Thankfully, there’s a hack. I eventually discovered that to get in a better feeling space about money, instead of focusing on money and numbers, I only needed to focus on what I wanted to acquire or do with the money.

And lo-and-behold, the money came or I received what I wanted to acquire with much effort. Either way it worked for me.

Now, sometimes you do need money for money’s sake: bills, debts, children school trips. And the same the same technique does apply.

Unless another sabotaging patterns rears its ugly head…

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For a lot of people ‘lack of money’ or ‘not enough money’ is where their relationship with money starts. Money is something that’s missing, something that is not readily available to them, something that they are desperately trying to get their hands on.

That’s especially true if you’re not wired for numbers and if you’re more interested in world peace than your bank balance.

To illustrate this, how many artists, yoga teachers, healers are working a day-job to pay their bills because they lack the money to support their true passions?

The problem when you understand manifestation and how it affects everything we experience is that our emotional state gets reflected in our experience.

When you’re frustrated that money is not accessible to you, when you desperately need to receive money for a bill, an expense, a school trip for instance. You’re frustrated. You’re desperate.

And the Universe reflects this state of being (your frustration, your desperation) back to you. It sees it as an order from you and it sends you more to be frustrated or desperate about.

That’s why when things get hard, they tend to get even harder. The universe is delivering what you’re focusing on: things being hard.

Obviously it takes a certain mindset to feel abundant when stacks of bills are staring at you and you have no idea how you will pay for them, or when you are following a career path that is notorious for being connected to empty bank accounts.

However, as counter-intuitive as it may sound, this is the only way to initiate a full recovery and start to turn things around. Everything we experience always starts from the inside-out.

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