3 Mistakes Women Make When It Comes To Finding Love


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The Dating is a bit like a jungle these days. For many people finding true love is hard. It gets even harder when you make crucial mistakes that pushe love further awy from you. Click the pin to learn 3 crucial dating mistakes to avoid if you're looking for true love

This is the first part of a series on using the law of attraction for relationships.

Following the interview I gave at the end of the last year to the Single Wives Club, I want to share again, three key elements that are stumbling blocks for many women trying to find love.

Fortunately, once you get over these stumbling blocks, your love life will never be the same.


The first mistake is wanting love while not feeling that you are being loved.

When you want something it implies that you don’t have it yet, so the universe responds to you by giving you what you feel; which is no love.

You attract what you feel, not what you want to feel.

The best way to manifest love is by spending a lot of time vividly imagining yourself as having your ideal relationship now. You need to see and feel your ideal partner as clearly as if they were real. A great trick is to hear them profess their love and whisper to you ‘I love you.’


Another mistake single women often make is imagining the wrong man by focusing on external qualities or status symbol, like abs, cars and job titles. I’ll admit, that while those things can be nice, a relationship is not about them; it’s about experiences and feelings you share with someone special.

If you focus on superficial, external aspects, that’s what you will attract and end up in an unfulfilling relationship.

However, if focus on the internal qualities, like their personality and a compatible relationship, you attract true love.


And finally, the third mistake is giving too much attention to the “clowns” or guys who are not looking for a serious relationship.

It’s normal when you go on a bad date to want to vent with your friends but the universe doesn’t care. The guys you give attention to with your feelings will continue to be attracted into your life.

So debrief quickly, learn from the experience and get back to imagining what you want to experience.

More importantly, start paying more attention to guys who are interested in serious relationships. You’ll begin to attract ideal men as soon as you shift the direction of your feelings.

The next time you feel like ditching that date with the computer geek, who wears glasses, for the ‘cool’ guy in the sports car, think again! Soon, you’ll be surprised at how fewer bad dates you have to vent about.

So hopefully, now you see that finding love is about right mind-set, about inner work more than outer work and that it starts within you.

Clarify what you truly want in love, then feel like you already have it and it will be attracted to you. Have fun working with law of attraction and watch true love seek you out.

And if you need help putting it all together, I have created a training that walks through all the steps of the process, answers all the questions you may have and makes it a no-brainer to attract the man of your dreams into your life.


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