3 Mistakes Women Make When It Comes To Finding Love (2023)


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The Dating is a bit like a jungle these days. For many people finding true love is hard. It gets even harder when you make crucial mistakes that pushe love further awy from you. Click the pin to learn 3 crucial dating mistakes to avoid if you're looking for true love

Edited on june 29th, 2023.

This is the first part of a series on using the law of attraction for relationships.

Following the interview I gave at the end of the last year to the Single Wives Club, I want to share again, three key elements that are stumbling blocks for many women trying to use manifestation to find love.

Get over these stumbling blocks will put the chances on your side.

Not feeling loved!

When tryoing to manifest a relationship, the first mistake is wanting love while not feeling that you are already in a loving relationship.

Manifestation taps in certain universal laws which sort of mirror your emotional state.

In this way, the longing you may while looking for your relationship may have the effect of sabotaging you and pushing the relationship you desire away from you.

The best way to manifest love is by spending a lot of time vividly imagining yourself as having your ideal relationship now: a loving, secure relationship with a partner that’s perfect for you.

Mind you: not anyone specific!
This is not about forcing your will on other people.

This is about basking in the feeling of having found what you desire and feeling a sense of closure and peace around this topic.

Having the wrong standards

Another mistake single women often make is defining their ideal relationship through external qualities or status symbol, like a certain physique, a certain level of wealth or a job title.

While those things can be nice to have, that’s not a solid foundation for a relationship.
You’re looking for a foundation of commonalities and compatibility along with experiences and feelings you would want to share with someone special.

Focusing on superficial, external aspects will set you up for a shallow, unfulfilling relationship which will eventually lead to frustration and resentment.

By focusing on the internal qualities you dream of in a partner such as their personality and their values you maximize your chances of creating a lasting, happy relationship.

Giving too much attention to the negativity

And finally, the third mistake is giving too much energy to the “clowns”, the time-wasters, the toxic people.

The dating scene is a mess.
And, it’s normal to feel like venting with your friends when you go on a bad date but remember point 1 above. We tend to synchronize with experiences that match our state of mind.

Spending too much time feeling frustated is not helping!

So, if you can manage, debrief quickly, learn from the experience and get back to focusing on the ideal outcome you’d like to experience.


Hopefully, these 3 tips will help you align yourself with a healthy, loving relationship.



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