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Many ambitious women find themselves having made their way towards the top of the ladder only to find out that the ladder was leaning against the wrong wall.


It’s not easy to realize you’ve made a mistake that has cost you years of your life, and it’s no small feat to put your life back on track afterwards.

Stress is a reinvention killer

In my observation, for most of these women who are trying to turn the tide around and fix their lives, what stands in the way is not their circumstances but their mindsets.

Who you believe yourself to be, what you believe you can accomplish, what you allow to stand in your way by not standing up for yourself, is way more detrimental to creating a life you love than your lack of connections or your lack of credentials could ever be for instance.

Connections can be made, credentials can be obtained but without the right attitude nothing can be accomplished.


What doesn’t help is also the fact that most of these women in the pursuit of the elusive having-it-all are running around like beheaded chickens desperately trying to fit to-do the size of a phonebook (showing my age, I know) in a 24 hour day.

You don’t have the mental capacity to undertake challenging projects such as a massive life-overhaul when you’re stressed-out and overwhelmed.

It’s a recipe for disaster.


The 21 day miracle or 21 days to a new life!

That’s why for me the journey to a big life transformation always starts with releasing your stress.

Scientists have found that 21 days is the minimum period of time needed to begin forming a new habit.

– Want to feel more confident?

– Want to become an early riser?

– Want to release your stress and regain balance?

All it takes is 21 days to begin to radically transform your life.


With just 21 days dedicated to regaining some balance and some mental space, unearthing some big sabotaging mindsets, and establishing new empowering habits you will begin to think more clearly and to reconnect with that tiny voice deep within you that can guide back to your sweet spot.

Only then will you be able to hear those messages about the best ways to transform your life in a more meaningful, purposeful and joyful way.


Up for a challenge?

That’s why I have created a 21 day challenge to help these women release their stress.

This challenge takes you by the hand and gives you a bite-sized tip and a quick action step each day to get you out of stressed-out-and-frazzled mode and guide you back to gracious-and-poised.

If you’re tired of being stuck in a rut and you’re ready to begin your radical reinvention journey, this challenge will allow to set the stage for your new life.

Update November 2018:

This challenge is now part of my VIP VAULT, this is where I share all my advanced tips, free trainings (such as this challenge) and special offers.

If you’re not a member yet, you can become one for free. When you join the challenge, you will also gain access to all the other member-only perks.
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Updated on November 20th, 2018.


I am Dominique Andersen. I help unfulfilled successful women reconnect with their soul & create lives that feel as good on the inside as they look on the outside. You can learn more about how I can help you here.