2 Items To Keep Track Of To Avoid Dream Life Manifestation Overwhelm


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When manifesting your dream life, there are many parts moving at once.

You must stay focused on your ideal outcome while being grounded in the present, cross things off your to-do list while staying in the space of having achieved your desire.

Often, opportunities start flying from every directions while your old life starts breakdown and you must stay on top of things.

Yes, manifesting your dream life is an adventure and if not managed properly it can quickly get overwhelming.

Especially when you move out of the beginner attract a free latte phase and you move into expert territory by attempting to manifest a complete lifestyle change.

Here are the 2 items to keep track of to say goodbye to overwhelm and smoothen the ride.

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If you prefer reading, here’s the transcript:

One of the reasons people fail to get results with manifestation is that they lack systems and consistency. Today I’m sharing with you some of the key items to track when you’re manifesting your dream life.

Hey everyone, this is Dominique Andersen. Welcome to stretchandbloom soundbite where in five minutes or less I will give you a quick tip to create a life you love.

The first thing I’d like you to keep track of is your daily routine manifestation is a system. You know: you tap into your mindset, your subconscious mind, your vibration and it also requires daily actions.

You have to follow your insights, follow your synchronicities, vibe your board, visualize… So many little pieces to keep together and it’s really easy to get sidetracked and miss a piece of the puzzle.

Did you dive into your board today?

Did you speak your vision?

That’s why I recommend keeping track of everything, every day! It gives you accountability and it prevents you from getting sidetracked.

So, very important to keep track of what you’re doing every day to manifest your dream.

The second thing I like you to keep track of are synchronicities. So if you don’t know about synchronicities there are meaningful coincidences that you will notice on your way to manifesting a desire.

And these synchronicities are really really important because they’re actually guiding you to what you need to learn, to what you need to do to grow.

And if you’re not paying attention to your synchronicities you’re basically not going to be able to get the results. Super important!

So how it works is that for instance if you wanted to start traveling more you’d start to see travel deals, you start to see ads.

You think: ‘oh I want to go to Cuba and everywhere you see Cuba, Cuba, Cuba, Cuba, and it just might be something you dismiss.

But it just means that your desire is being recorded and something is starting to happen.

So it can’t seem a little corny and people might go: ‘okay, you know you want to go to Cuba. This is an ad about Cuba. It’s got nothing to do with it. It’s not, it’s not meaningful.’

But actually you don’t want to dismiss these synchronicities because there are actually the, they are, they’re signs, they’re confirmations, they’re guides, guides.

They’re guides, you know. They help you walk along toward the manifestation.

It doesn’t mean that every synchronicity is a door. It doesn’t mean that you have to follow every synchronicity. So that’s again something you have to, to learn to distinguish but synchronicities are really important to keep track of.

And actually that’s that’s something that I’ve integrated in, in BLOSSOM my new manifestation workshop. I have a planner. It’s a journal, It’s a planner, it’s a bit of a mix of the two but that allows you to track your synchronicities and your habits.

Because it’s really, really important (especially synchronicities!) to have a place to record what’s happening, all these little weird things, all those little signs, to be really aware of what’s happening around you.

This will lead you to the manifestation this will also give you confidence in the process and and allow you to trust more and more in yourself.

And the more you trust in yourself the easier, the, the future manifestations will become. So, I really, really recommend tracking synchronicities.

It will encourage you and it will train you to pay more attention. And the more you pay attention, the more results you’re gonna get.

Alright, so this was your quick tip for today! Track your daily practices, know what you’re doing, don’t be all over the place.

Don’t be sidetracked, don’t get sidetracked and track synchronicities. Super important! They’re really a key to the manifestation and you’ll be very happy that you’re aware of what’s happening around you.

That’s it for now.

Thank you for listening! If you’ve enjoyed this tip make sure to join my innercircle. That’s where you’ll get access to all my in-depth tips. To join go to stretchandbloom.com/inner circle. Have a great day! Until next time! Bye!

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