13 ways to beat the winter blues


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Short days. Check! Freezing temperatures. Check! Grey days. Check!

Yep, winter’s here!

While some people may get excited at the idea of frolicking in the snow, others are getting hit by a bad case of winter depression.

If you are in the latter category, here are 13 tips to help you beat winter blues:

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Going to the sauna is one great way to beat the winter blues.

First, it’s hot in there.

Second saunas have all these health benefits that help your body regulate its mood and beat the winter blues.

Third, did I mention it’s hot in there?



When the winter blues hits, the last thing you want to do is get up and leave the couch. A Harvard study says that’s exactly when you should work out.

While at first working out may sound like an impossible mission when you have the level of energy of comatose sloth, it’s actually been proven to help alleviate moderate depression symptoms.

And you don’t need to get crazy: just going on a fast walk daily can dramatically improve things.



The Danes know a thing or two about winter. However they are still the happiest people in the world.

Their secret?

It might be ‘hygge’ a philosophy that could loosely be translated as cosy.

If you can’t escape winter, make friends with it: dim the light, brew some tea and surround yourself with people your love!

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Go on vacation

One of my favorite way to beat the winter blues is to avoid winter altogether. Or at least minimize how long I have to suffer through the freezing short grey days and the snow.

One of the great advantages of being location-independent is that you can take work on the road with you and bring your office to the sun.

And if you can’t disappear all winter a few days of sun will still do wonder to your mood.


If you can’t go on vacation don’t despair, research actually shows that even planning a vacation could have similar benefits in terms of boosting your happiness as going on vacation.

Time to get pinning and start looking at new destinations!



Colors have long been known to have effects on psychology: therapists use soft greenish hues for their calming effects, advertisers use reds and oranges for their energizing effects.

Use this to your advantage and add some bold touches of colors in your space or in your wardrobe for an instant mood boost.

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While I am not exactly a fan or artificial light, in my experience daylight lamps really help dealing with the winter blues. You get an instant boost of energy the moment you turn them.

Think about going out in a bright summer day!



Cuddling is known to help reduce stress so hug more this winter.

If you’re single, you don’t need to get creepy and hug strangers: just hug your friends or your pets.



beat the winter blues massage

Massages are like cuddles on steroid when it comes to beating winter blues.

Not only do you get the mood boosting benefits of skin to skin contact, you also get the added health benefits of a stimulating therapy that benefits the whole body.



Crank up the colume and play your favorites tunes. You know how it feel when you’re favorite song comes up?

Instant mood boost!

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11. SING

No worries. You don’t need to be able to carry a tune to successfully use this tip.

Singing releases endorphins which affect your brain and make you happier. So when you practice tip #10 make sure to sign along as well.



Scents are also a powerful ally when it comes to beating the winter blues.

However don’t go for the cheap stuff loaded with chemicals. Use purely extracted essential oils that boost your mood and heal your boady.


Sometimes the simplest tricks can be the most powerful. When it comes to beating winter blues, simply closing your eyes and focusing on your breath can have the most powerful effect.

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Edited on July 5th, 2019.




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