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Does this sound like you?

'Success would be sweet', they said.

Well, that wasn't true...

You’re the A-grades nice lady who proudly wears her Mrs Perfection mask. You’ve followed the rules, worked hard and it paid off: you’re successful.  

However, things look different on the inside… 

You’re feeling miserable, empty and stressed out. And, right now, you are seriously questioning what went wrong with your life.

How I can help you...

You are smart and accomplished. However, we all have blind spots.

Whether bespoke or prêt-à-porter, my offers help you shine a new light onto those blind spots to get yourself unstuck.

You will gain clarity, reconnect with yourself, break free from the golden handcuffs and quickly find your sweet spot in life.

Bonjour, I'm Dominique!

I am a bit of a misfit who took a few wrong turns before finding her sweet spot. 

What helped me get unstuck was having developed an unconventional toolbox.

With STRETCH+BLOOM I share with you my best tools and strategies to find yourself and create a life that resembles you.

"All my lost energy and joy are pulsing back into my veins. And now I know, I'm convinced that I can and will get everything that is so important for me.”
Yoga instructor

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