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    • How To Reinvent Your Life

      May 2017 update: I have just released a new in-depth training to take this process even further. In this video you will learn the exact steps of my reinvention process as well as my favorite hack to create massive results in a fraction of the time and the biggest trap high-achieving women need to avoid […]

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    • 5 fears you must overcome if you want to live an authentic life

      Living an authentic life is an appealing proposition until you start considering what it entails: that’s when fear, this old friend, comes out. Today I want to talk about 5 crucial fears you must overcome if you want to live an authentic life. 1/ THE FEAR OF STANDING OUT The fear of standing out is […]

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    • A classy woman’s guide to using the law of attraction to manifest true love

      What do you do when you’ve tried everything and you still can’t find the One? You’re this pretty awesome lady with a great business or career, amazing friends. You’re doing great in life. Except when it comes to love… Whether you keep attracting players, losers or commitment-phobes, whether you find it hard to get past […]

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    • How to stop self-sabotage from ruining your dreams

      Got self-sabotage? If you’ve ever set out to follow your dreams, pursue your passions and lead your best life only to realize a few months down the line that in spite of best intentions you seem to be standing in your own way this post is for you. Sabotage is the deliberate act of destroying […]

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    • How to find more time for yourself when your to-do is crazy?

      You know you should be taking better care of yourself but how do you find more time for yourself when you have a crazy to-do. Today I want to share with you 3 quick tips to put time on your side. 1/ TAKE MINI-RETREATS THROUGHOUT THE DAY As you may know, I am a big […]

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    • How to detox your life

      WHY YOU NEED TO DETOX YOUR LIFE Working with women I can’t help but notice that we’re often our worst enemy: – We’re caring, loving and generous to a fault. – We’re the good soldier fighting everybody’s battles. – We’re the selfless lover, friend, wife, mother, who is always there for everyone and constantly forgets […]

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