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    • Silencing the imposter syndrome

      dealing with imposter syndrome

      Do you ever catch yourself having thoughts like: ‘I am not good enough to launch my own company, write a book or have my own show?’, ‘Who am I to be considered an expert?’, ‘I am just an ordinary woman, why would anyone listen to what I have to say’?

      If you do, you’ve just met one of your inner saboteur, the voice of your imposter syndrome.


      I remember vividly being a teen in my bedroom at my parent’s place. I was obsessed with dancing and I was practicing like crazy but I felt inadequate.

      According to the pundits I had not started early enough and I hadn’t done ballet so I could never amount to anything in dance.

      So even though I was practicing an insane amount of time, I had that picture internalized and my practice was flawed.

      In a way I wasn’t expecting to achieve perfect form. As if in my mind I was going through the motion and adding practice hours until I felt I had enough hours under my belt to give myself permission to be good at it.

      I wasn’t really taking myself seriously. I felt like a fraud and imposter.

      And I acted like it.

      But it wasn’t really conscious.

      Until one day, I became aware of that voice. At that moment I told myself that it was ridiculous. Right then I decided to stop playing dancer and to BE a dancer. And in that instant, once I gave myself permission to excel, everything about my practice changed.

      And that spin I had been practicing for ever with no results just came to me naturally.


      It wasn’t about practice time. It was about mindset.

      Until I could see myself as what I wanted to achieve I couldn’t become it.


      Unfortunately, the imposter syndrome doesn’t leave us in our teens. It can still be with us very much alive to this day.

      Everytime we try something new, everytime we launch a new adventure, it is there. And whispers the same old stories about not being ready, being a fraud.

      In a way it makes sense, I wasn’t a dancer yet. Maybe you’re not a business owner, a podcast host or and author yet. So yes, you could say we’re pretending.

      But what the imposter fails to see is that you cannot become what you want to become by standing on outside of it.

      You can’t become something you don’t claim for yourself.

      So if you keep acting like you don’t belong, like you are not ready, like you’re not good enough, that’s where you’ll be.

      And that’s where you’ll stay… for a looooong time!

      You have to make a choice. Stand for your dreams. And tell the imposter: ‘thanks for the input, but now take a hike!

      Then you get back to work!

      Can I ask you a question?

      What does your imposter say to you? Please let me know in the comments below

      Photo credit: CC- source / edited by S+B

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