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    • How to be more resilient in the face of adversity

      ‘How can you be more resilient in the face of adversity?’ ‘How do you find the strength to go on when life throws you a curve ball?’ ‘How do you find the juice to turn lemons in lemonade?’   Ok, that last one was kind of cheesy, but you get the drift: ‘how do you […]

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    • How to Practice self-care as a self-employed

      If you’re reinventing yourself and you’ve been yearning for more freedom, more impact and a high income, your journey of transformation may take you down the path of entrepreneurship. After all when it comes to living life in your own terms nothing beats having your on business or so it seems. Yes you get to […]

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    • Why divorce doesn’t make you a failure

      As I often mention, one of the key to reinventing your love life successfully is processing your past. By this I mean healing from your traumatic childhood experiences, healing your relationship with your parents and of course getting over your ex(es). The reason I insist so much on this (I dedicate a big chunk of […]

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    • 13 signs you need a break… yesterday!

      There are times when it’s hard to admit that you need a break. Even though it feels like the weight of the entire world rests on your frail shoulders and the stress is getting to you, there’s a certain pride that comes along with proving you can handling it all. High-powered women with their ambitious […]

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