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    • The surprising reason why you’re still single

      Sometimes, it just seems like you’re doomed to remain single forever and that the entire universe is conspiring is against you to make sure you never find anyone. No matter what you try to turn your love life around, things stubbornly refuse to turn in your favor and all your attempts to find true love […]

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    • Why divorce doesn’t make you a failure

      As I often mention, one of the key to reinventing your love life successfully is processing your past. By this I mean healing from your traumatic childhood experiences, healing your relationship with your parents and of course getting over your ex(es). The reason I insist so much on this (I dedicate a big chunk of […]

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    • Where are all the good men

      ‘Where are all the good men?’ is one of the most commonly-heard refrain on the modern-day dating scene. Plenty of women are under the impression that good men, like unicorns, hide in a secret, mythical land where they abound. And their approach to finding love is akin to looking for the treasure map to this […]

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    • Don’t be bullied by Valentine’s day

      Yeah, February is here! Fake-love fest is on! While January gave us a very well-deserved break from the forced celebratory frenzy of the end of the year, February’s arrival is bringing a whole new wave of society-induced vacuity. This time it’s all about loooooooooove. Valentine’s day! Hearts, chocolates and cupids. Another reason to go into […]

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