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    • The Science of Manifesting

      Tweet Most people find the concept of manifesting a little airy-fairy when they first hear about it. And that’s fair enough: the idea of making things show up in your life with just your thoughts and emotions feels at best a little counter-intuitive. However, manifesting has been proven to work empirically. And now science also offers new […]

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    • 3 Easy Steps To Make Your Resolutions Stick

      Tweet 2012 has just come to an end. And depending on your beliefs, you may be relieved that life on earth didn’t come to an end, or you may be celebrating the beginning of a new era for humanity, or simply recovering from the festivities. In any case, for most people this is the time […]

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    • What is Manifesting and Why You Want to Master it.

      Manifesting is the art of making things “show up” in your life by using your mind and your emotions. Yes, it does sounds a bit woo-woo. But it actually is quite rational. You see, we generally operate on an outdated worldview based on Newtonian physics. However, since the beginning of the 20th century, there have been […]

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