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    • How to redesign your life without overwhelm

      Reinventing your life bears many similarities to remodeling a house. You may need to: dig out the foundations to deal with any structural damage, remove some walls to re-organize the space, carve out the walls and the ceiling to add fancier lights, tear down old tiles to refresh you bathroom or your kitchen, take down […]

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    • Why goal-setting is not working for you.

      In a recent post, I mentioned the idea that setting resolutions and relying on sheer willpower to make them happen is a losing game. I know most people like to believe they are strong, however they are only fooling themselves: willpower has very little to do with success, energetics is what really counts. This week […]

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    • Are you making this costly goal-setting mistake?

      I love ambitious, high-achieving women. I love their drive, their determination, their resilience, their strength, their generosity. That’s my tribe! However, as much as I love them, I need to call them on their BS. It’s goal-setting season and everybody is out-there trying to out-do each other with goals of becoming ‘queen of the universe’ […]

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    • How to boost your job search with the law of attraction

      Most people who first hear about the law of attraction try to create miracles-like outcomes like winning the lottery, inheriting a large sum of money, or manifesting a luxury holiday. Unfortunately, they don’t really pay any mind to how the law of attraction also affects them in their day to day life. And when they […]

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