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    • New year’s magic formula!

      As 2015 starts, most people are still reeling from the holiday spirit, the gifting, the promises of new beginnings that come with the new year… And the free flowing champagne!!! The euphoria carries on until mid-January when for most people reality strikes back with a vengeance: resolutions are broken, credit card statements show the real […]

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    • TEDx Phil Drolet: Why entrepreneurs are slowly killing themselves.

      On this blog I often invite you to take the least travel road which is to work smart instead of working hard. Today I want to share with you an example that colorfully illustrates why this is so crucial. If you’re a type A personality who has followed the gospel of doing more, this video […]

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    • Could the world collapsing around you be a great thing?

      These days everywhere we turn it seems that the world is going crazy. Sometimes crazy actually hits close to home and it seems that your world really is collapsing. That’s a very scary, a stressful place to be. But beyond appeareances, could your world collapsing around you actually be the best thing that has happened […]

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    • Why your dreams matter

      The original version of this article was erased by a technical glitch. My apologizes for the comments that were deleted and the few differences that may exist between the 2 versions. If you follow me on Twitter, you were probably wondering what was happening to me on monday a couple of weeks ago. I normally […]

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