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    • A beautiful way to fight negativity: Inspire by S+B

      UPDATE: This edition of online pop-up store closed on dec. 31st 2015. Keep you eye open for the next edition! If you’ve ever tried to make any significant change in your life while being surrounded by an army of nay-sayers, you know the impact a few positive words uttered from the mouth of a stranger […]

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    • How to do what you love

      I woke up today to the tragic news of Scott Dinsmore‘s passing. Scott was a renowned coach, leader and the founder of flourishing community called Live Your Legend. His mission was to inspire people to find and do work they love. Scott was young and his passing was unexpected. This sad news is a reminder […]

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    • 7 ways to create more ambitious goals

      For most people a big, ambitious goal probably looks like owning a big house, a fancy luxurious car, a yacht or a private plane even. I call these things toys. Toys are ok, but interestingly do you know what most super rich people who have all the toys in the world mostly crave? Meaning, depth, […]

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    • How to boost your job search with the law of attraction

      Most people who first hear about the law of attraction try to create miracles-like outcomes like winning the lottery, inheriting a large sum of money, or manifesting a luxury holiday. Unfortunately, they don’t really pay any mind to how the law of attraction also affects them in their day to day life. And when they […]

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